Writing in the Wait (chronological order)

Writing in the Wait

I began this series while waiting for God to do big things in our lives. It’s easy to say, “I’ll remember that” because in the moment what God’s work was undeniable, but unfortunately, I forget. I’m not alone. The Israelites forgot a lot of God’s huge works too.

I decided to do what I’ve always wanted to do, but have never pulled off because in the middle of crazy it’s easier to tell myself I’ll write about it later.  Later never comes.

Here’s our story, the story of how God moved us to a remote part of Idaho. It chronicles everything you want to know (probably more): Why did you move? How did you decide where to move? How did you figure this out?

We don’t know why God wanted to move us, perhaps that will come in time, or not at all, so that common question is not answered.

I’m sketching out our story as artist lay the first lines on a canvas. Please consider every passive voice, incorrect tense, abuse of words and lack of palpable creative detail through this lens.

Death, Taxes & Waiting

Waiting to Move

Waiting in the Wait

Waiting for Direction

Waiting in Doubt

Waiting for Details

Waiting Gently

Waiting with Wet Paint

Waiting Consistently

Waiting Privately

Waiting to Hurt (Those We Love)

Waiting Imperfectly (Part I)

Waiting Imperfectly (Part II)

Waiting, Desires & Determination

Waiting for Yes

Waiting & Living YOUR Ordinary Life

Waiting to Tell Friends

Waiting Without Answers

The Other Side of Waiting

Waiting Without Tension 

Waiting With Expectations

Waiting & Dangling

Waiting in Pain

Waiting for Home

Waiting for Acceptance 

Waiting to Tell Friends

Waiting Without Answers 

Waiting (Again) With Expectations

Waiting With Triplets Part I

Waiting With Triplets Part II 

Waiting in the Wait

Waiting Consistently 

Waiting When a Spouse’s Wants & Needs Are Blurred

Waiting When the Impractical Triumphs and Memories Are Forged

Waiting Surrendered 

Waiting for Enough

Waiting Between Two Worlds

Waiting & Reflecting: Gems

Waiting: A Perfect Portion

Waiting With Helping Hands

Waiting When the Story is Too Much

Waiting: The Song in the Heart

Waiting With Hired Help

Waiting When the Truck is Filled (and there’s more to load) Monday

Waiting for Answers: Tuesday

Waiting to Move: Wednesday

Waiting to Move: Thursday

Waiting to Move: Friday


Waiting for a Place to Stay

Waiting With Possibilities

Waiting Behind the Wheel