About Julie

I’ve been reluctant to put an “about me” page up because my work  isn’t about me but the journey we’re taking. All the same, I realize I’m often curious about the person behind the computer and should kindly reciprocate.


I’m consumed with wanting to squeeze more out of life. Being idle isn’t something I can conceive. I’m a wife to a husband who understands my need to write and cheers me on (yes, he knows everything I write about our family), a mama to two young active and adventurous children here and two with God (can’t wait to meet them- they’ve impacted my life dramatically). I have a teaching credential and real estate license both used actively. Being busy for the sake of busyness is a waste but I thrive when I’m up to my eyes in projects that will make a difference (baking cookies does fall under this heading).

My Heart:

Looking back, I’ve had two careers, a divorce, a second-chance marriage and family but missed a lot because I was unwilling to fully follow where God was leading. Recently, I’ve been wondering, have I been faithful to God? Have I been His servant or have I merely obeyed when convenient and comfortable? God has used the answers to these questions to prick my heart. For me, writing is a form of worship, a way to lean-in and draw-near to the Creator. I don’t want to miss any more of His amazing plan for my life!

You encourage my heart with your visits and comments! Thank you for reading, following, sharing and praying (especially praying)!

4 responses to “About Julie

  1. I’ve finally sat and begun to read this laughter-inducing, head-nodding, heart-convicting loveliness. So thankful for you. What I love most about you is your unapologetic transparency (good for you!!!) and your smile is AMAZE-NESS. Your heart is so loving and thoughtful and just makes me want to be a better example of His love. I’m so excited to dig into these gems of reality. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks so much for checking it out Kori! I know you’re busy, but I hope as you have time you come back to laugh, nod and be drawn back to our awesome God!

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  3. I learned a lot about you by reading this About Me, so I’m glad you have it! Thanks for cheering me on in my writing and in life, even from far away.

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