I’m so grateful for your encouragement over the past few years. Peacequility birthed from simple obedience, “Yes God, I’ll write if only for you.”

“Only for you” grew to a small handful of wonderful friends and supporters- YOU!

As we grew I learned more about websites and became frustrated with under-the-hood details readers don’t realize are taking place. It took the wind from my sails and my writing sank deep into the pages of journal upon journal. 


Someone gave me courage.

My Redbud Writers Guild sister Jamie took the time to point me in the right direction and utter simple words that make all the difference in the world

You can do this!

(Who are you speaking these words to?)

Because of her I’ve completed (it’s never complete) a new home for Peacequility and I’d really love for you to stop by. 

You’ll notice something crazy about the new address- it’s no longer Peacequility!

Peacequility’s new address is JulieHolly.Com! Don’t be fooled, it’s the same content that brought you here and the same simple girl writing for the King but the space is echoing without your voices. I feel a bit jittery leaving the comfort of my initial WordPress home, it’s truly scary, like leaving your parents home for the first time. WordPress makes mingling and casually meeting incredible people like you easy. Leaving the WordPress platform is terrifying but necessary when I consider responsibly sharing the story and words I’ve been entrusted with. 

Will you help warm my new home by stopping by and subscribing so the distance between WordPress and cyberspace won’t separate us? Here’s a link to my new address.


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  1. Will all your old stuff on word press be taken down or can we still go read it? I have been waiting to read your entire collection of articles about the move in one sit down once you are done! If they are getting taken down, will the content be moved over to your new address?!?!

    • Awe! Nearly all the content here at Peacequility migrated to You’ll be able to catch-up on the series there:)

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