Winner Winner & A Brief Update

I don’t often run giveaways but I’m so excited to share Seeds Family Worship with you! Bronwyn is the winner winner this go around! I’ll be mailing off the new Christmas CD/DVD combo pack to her to enjoy this Christmas season!

If you’re still in need of some new Christmas tunes check out JJ Heller’s Christmas album Unto Us! I’ve been enjoying her voice and the particularly calm her style brings to the Christmas scene.

A bit of an update….we’re here…

For nearly four months we’ve been settling in and finding a new rhythm to life. Here’s the thing, trust and obedience don’t null feelings and emotions, doubts and insecurities though the Cross bridges the field between those and the throne. As life is put in place piece by piece, sometimes awkwardly, a new perspective is revealed and it’s not always fun.

Every part of our new life being put into place is a reminder that something is gone, something is being rebuilt and replaced. Mercifully God provided a church home and birthed new friendships, but much as I love this place, it is yet my home.

Many days I long for the comfort of those we shared life with, those people who love you even when. With me there are many even when opportunities. It’s deeply comforting to know that even when I say something ridiculous or do something outlandish I am still loved and accepted.

New friendships are exciting and my personality thrives on the newness, but in the back of my mind I wonder, when will they tire of me? Isn’t this need for security and acceptance hard-wired into the human heart? Immobilized by this thought I’m taken back again and again to the single sustaining source of security, acceptance and comfort: My Lord and Savior.

Life complexities disintegrate when we choose to look at life through this lens. This is the ultimate “positive reinforcement” yet I find myself struggling daily to look to the cross. My heart wanders and wonders searching for security at my new job, new church, with people in the community and in the many roles I play in life.

ACCEPTEDI want to be accepted, so do you, SO DID JESUS.

Each Christmas I’m wrapped in a new phase of life that shifts my perspective of the manger and my Savior. Jesus came as a baby and grew into a man who ministered to the people He created. Each word He spoke shouted, “I love you! Will you love me?”  Jesus longed to be accepted by His beloved creation, yet He faced rejection and murder by those He created and loved.

As we venture into the season of Advent my heart is gratefully heartbroken for this baby born in a barn yet deeply encouraged. Even when He became unpopular Jesus stuck to the basics: Love God, love others, everything else will fall into place.

The three-to-four month mark in a major life transition is a fierce reality check but we all need those more often than we realize. Maybe you’re transitioning in life like our family or the scene in your extended family, school or work shifted over the past year and you find yourself insecure (like me). Will you join me in pursuing acceptance and security in Jesus the Cornerstone instead of people or things in this world?


PS- The remainder our modern faith move story will continue!

I’m taking the most terrifying step with writing: Trusting my story with an editor. He’s awesome and I couldn’t trust anyone more but I’m equally doubtful of my ability and story. Should I come to mind, please pray to the King of Kings for wisdom (and words). Every story isn’t meant for the world, some are meant for the soul. I’m praying this process will help me sort who this story is most intended for.

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