Waiting: Showers & Exit Strategies



Fortunately my daughter rolled the window down which spared the interior of the truck, but fruit loops churned and returned are nasty. Pronounced by the pearl white of my husband’s truck streaked a Hulk green waterfall. We pulled off the road at a nondescript bend on the highway for a chance to regroup and well, take care of number two.

An old house converted to a convenience stop seemed inviting enough especially considering there weren’t options. Little trinkets adorned the outside and small planters cheered the entrance, but something felt odd. Rustic wood floors creaked and when I’d expect to see a woman, two men sat behind the counter. They seemed better fit for plowing the fields than working the storefront and it felt that way.

Over the years I’ve developed a habit of knowing my exit strategy and felt better after I noted three exits. It’s terrible to assume the worst of anyone but especially when running on reserves and alone with an adorable little girl I’ll choose caution every time.

The men in worn work clothes directed us to a portable bathroom just outside exit number two. I cringed as I contemplated the contortions necessary to help my daughter relieve herself and remain sanitary. It’s one thing when managing one’s self; it’s a million other something’s when helping someone else. Barely ten o clock in the morning and I needed a sanitizing shower. Some days are like that.

Spiritual Showers

Some days I wake well-intentioned, humble and prayerful only to find just after breakfast I’m walking in the filth of my bad habits and wrong ways. Selfish attitudes erupt on those I love or complaining stifles opportunities to see God at work. Some days I feel like I need a spiritual shower and I think I need to wait until I start behaving or feel like I’ve been forgiven. The problem is I can’t change, I cannot treat people better without the soul cleansing of the cross and my feelings are fickle, certainly not a barometer of other’s forgiveness.

The ONE Thing We’re NEVER Asked to Wait For


Fortunately, you and I are never asked to wait for forgiveness. The moment we choose to surrender our hearts to the Lord we are forgiven. Our works, our best choices and perspectives on life can never be good enough. Oddly, we’re the only one’s to think they should be!

Holy, sinless, pure is not something we can accomplish without the cross Jesus died on for you, me and all of humanity. Unfortunately as we notch years of faithful living we forget the freedom of Christ’s forgiveness. It’s so unbelievable that again and again we are forgiven we add more to the mix. I need to feel a certain way and then I’m forgiven. I need to act a certain way and then I’m forgiven. I need to confess to others then I’m forgiven. Rooted in bits of truth, our feelings will improve when we’re acting a certain way and we do need to confess sin to those we’ve wronged, we misguide ourselves and miss the purpose of the cross.

Exit Strategies

Do you have your exit strategy? People talk regularly how they’ll leave a business, retire or sneak out of a gathering if wanted. Fifty percent of married couples have an exit strategy and use it. Do you have an exit strategy for life? My exit strategy leads to joy and peace here- and there! If you don’t have a relationship with the One true God or are feeling bogged down by the duties you’ve piled on yourself a new life will start now with Jesus!

Clean Again

How we didn’t get urine and grime all over is a miracle! I opened the door to fresh air and a cheerful daughter. The glorious bathroom was for paying customers only so we bought some drinks (maybe not the best choice considering the bathroom situation) and paid the still odd men. Back at the truck we pulled out wipes and cleaned our hands and laughed at the green slime on the truck.

If I considered the entire day I became overwhelmed, but living in that simple moment, enjoying her rosy cheeks and sweet smile against the green backdrop brought a silly reassurance: We’ll get through this.

Though when I pulled away I managed to catch the trailer’s wheel…

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