You’re Still American



Today there will be a distinct winner and loser.

You will be one or the other.

There is no middle ground.

Three generations worked to eliminate stark distinctions but in the end there are winners, there are losers. Those same groups blurring the lines want even to eliminate terms like winner and loser but today you will feel like a winner or a loser.

Elated or dismayed,

Relieved, depressed or afraid,

You’re still American.

The undiagnosed reason people are deeply anxious about this election is the fact our country (and world) is spiraling out of control. The checks and balances between the branches of government have merged, the distribution of power is lopsided and corruption is not only tolerated but accepted. We acquiesce and choose the best of the worst because our vision is hindered by the ease of living in a first world.

Americans agree we have a significant problem but casting a vote feels like grasping at straws. We try our best by showing up at the polling station, maybe we even helped campaign for our hopeful candidate but we’re desperate for solutions that will yield the peace and prosperity our country once knew.

We’re not alone.

The pleading cycle began thousands of years ago in a serene garden with a man and woman longing for something more. For most today’s vote is an arrow prayer to the gods of the government. We continue the supplication cycle but today we plead with a frail manmade government.

There is a solution but it requires action, albeit simple and cost-effective. Prayer. Well-intentioned people make comments how those who share their values need to increase involvement in the bureaucracy to effect change. However, when that involvement begins before prayer the net result is a new version of the same dysfunction.

Today, regardless of your party winning or losing, we are blessed to be Americans. We don’t need more tax deductions or more second amendment rights, we need to repent and pray. Through those prayers God will raise some to lead overtly, others to serve quietly and all of us to a heart change that affects the world with the power of an unseen God.

Regardless of our position today, winner or loser, our posture should remain the same: Surrendered at the foot of the cross ready to wholly serve our loving God. Americans, don’t find hope or despair in a fractured government, find life in the Lord and you will be a winner.


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