Great Day GIVEAWAY! #Write31Days

great-day-giveawayThose who read regularly know I love a solid challenge. Typically I gravitate towards physical endurance races that completely deplete my body and expect more from me. Today marks the conclusion of the #Write31Days event. I joined hundreds of writers determined to finish writing on a single topic daily for the month of October. This links to the single category of Inspiration and Faith where I own a small 400 x 400 space. There are so many encourageing, convicting and compelling voices out there!

I’m super excited to report that I missed only two days this year! One of those days lost to discouragement, another lost to staying up too late while enjoying the company of new friends. I wouldn’t change either, especially the latter. I’m ready to celebrate!

Now it’s time to celebrate! Dayspring hosts this awesome event and offers perks to the participants and I’d like to pass a perk to you. I couldn’t help but wonder where I’d be without my trusty journal of the moment. A year ago I switched from typing all my work to first sketching it on paper to capture the raw unedited, unfiltered version of life’s moments. It’s done wonders for my soul, to hold a tangible report of God’s faithfulness in my life.

Do you know God is weaving the ordinary story of you in this very moment? I hope you do! To encourage my awesome readers who have supported my through this event (albeit, unknowingly) I’m giving away a redeemed journal by Dayspring. I hope it will get you started (or keep you going) and shift your perspective on life’s struggles, triumphs and valleys as you look back.

Without your support this story, Writing in the Wait, will sit and collect dust. Please share to get this story of modern faith in action to others who need encouragement and hope. We all know someone who needs it!

Follow the link below to enter to win!

The giveaway closes in one week! Go, share and start writing your ordinary story today!
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Oh, if you’re concerned the story stops here, don’t worry! I’ll be posting the rest of the story (insert Paul Harvey’s voice) over the next few weeks!

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