Waiting for a Place to Stay



The continual moving components of our move narrowed the margins of comfort. Packed and ready to go, but where could we stay? Our homes were scheduled to close but until they closed we were homeless, despite this we began our physical move.

If ever I’ve taken a leap of faith this was it. Truck and trailer filled and packed to the brim, car loaded on the car carrier and a dog to boot, there’s no denying this was living faith. Possibilities that ended with question marks awaited because aside from my teaching position nothing certain. Up in the air: Our homes, my salary, the ability for my husband to establish a business in a closed market. The odds felt weighty, even now I can choose to allow those odds to knock me on my butt. Let alone right our immediate need: Where could we stay when we arrived there?

When we searched for a home there I went to a board meeting, an attempt to get to the bottom, “What will my salary be?”.  We believe in living within our means and it’s difficult to do so when you don’t know what the means are. While there a board member I spoke with kindly gave me her phone number, “If you find yourself in a jam, give me a call. I might have an interim place for your family to stay.” I recall clinging to that number like a Monopoly get out of jail free card and in shock that a complete stranger would share her number and future offer of assistance. Sure, we’re headed into the unknown where we don’t know a soul, but she’s willing to help. I walked out of that meeting still unsure of the income I’d bring, but overwhelmed by a type of person rarely found in cities and suburbs.

I took a photo of the back of the crinkled receipt with her contact info terrified I’d forget her name or misplace the it during our travels. Weeks later we faced with the reality: We have no home to move into so I called that number. As it turned out, the owner of a typically unoccupied home in her family returned. “Maybe we have another place for you to stay, but it’s a forty minute drive away…” I’d hoped this scenario would work out, but two days before our move nothing materialized.

Asking for help is one of my greatest weaknesses but I asked a complete stranger for help because the circumstances were beyond me. It’s amazing the courage we grow when those we love most need our voice for their livelihood. When I didn’t hear back regarding the second possibility I didn’t press things because who does that with a total stranger? Some pray because they’re spiritually grounded, I prayed as a cowered, like Peter sinking into the deep blue, “Lord please provide a place to stay.” I knew God could rescue and provide, I didn’t know if I had the faith to sustain me until then. We tend to think like that, as if it depends on our abilities, but that’s not biblical. God says He will provide- even the faith we lack- in times of trouble.

Soul stretched I believed, faint as it was, I believed.

That’s all God asks for, just a mustard seed of faith.

Are you dangling by a thread? Believe. Dig into your bible and find out what He says about Himself. God cannot go against His character!

Encouraged? Challenged? I’d love to know!

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