Waiting to Move: Thursday


A bit lost and mentally exhausted I froze when I woke to realize there wasn’t a morsel of food in the house. With an ever-changing move date and nothing to eat in the house I caved to convenience and took the kids to the forbidden McDonald’s for breakfast. Typically I’m okay with McDonald’s as a once a year treat for my kids, at least before this crazy move. However, as much as I dislike the food quality as much as any other hyper-first world person, I found myself grateful for a place to have a convenient breakfast. (How bad can they mess pancakes and eggs up? Don’t message me and tell me, please let me be in the dark on this one.)

Mid-morning my husband called to let me know his mom’s surgery went well and the kids and I could stop by for a visit after breakfast. The bile leak was fixed which meant she could heal from the infection and from the procedures in general. The surgery scheduled for the following day, the third surgery in a matter of five days, was supposed to be simple, but so was the gall bladder on Monday.

With breakfast in our tummies we headed towards the hospital but the kids didn’t want to go. I don’t blame them; I don’t like doctors let alone hospitals. Our son was particularly anxious about this visit so we stopped at the hospital kiosk for much-needed coffee (because fast food coffee doesn’t cut it) and then picked-up a balloon for Grandma. There’s something about taking a trinket that strengthens a heart with purpose and courage. The focus is no longer on circumstances or anxieties, but in this case, his mind had an anchor: Take encouragement. (It worked.)

She told us to go ahead with the move the following day, Friday. It’s uncomfortable to move under such circumstances, but we found solace in the fact that my husband would return in a matter of days. Already she felt better with the leak fixed the time to move was now and the doctors believed the next day’s procedure would be short, sweet and simple. Nothing had gone according to plan with anything, but for some reason we found hope in their confidence and words.

That would be short-lived.

When you’re hours away and a surgery drags on discomfort grows.


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