Waiting for Answers: Tuesday

waiting-for-answers-tuesdayThat Monday night, aside from our mattresses and two suitcases, the inside of our home echoed with a strange emptiness. We assumed home was not far away and enjoyed dinner out. Tuesday dawned and my husband scurried off to see his mom and taker care of our business before the movers returned to finish loading our earthly possessions.

We were wrong.

When the movers loaded the truck the day before I made a single request: Please provide a way for the mattresses to be loaded last. This proved Divine foresight.

Remember, we ran out of space and needed to problem solve? The initial solution I cannot recall. As Jared, the owner of the moving company and I looked at the garage the possibilities shifted at least five times before we landed solidly on a plan. I drove with one of the movers to the local U-Haul shop while my friend continued to help and packed with the owner of the company.

When we arrived at U-Haul not a single plan presented as ideal or practical. I tried to reach my husband but distracted by his mother’s health and business he was little help. I looked to the professional and bounced ideas, but ultimately I bore the decision and I felt it. If I chose Plan X my husband would be frustrated for reasons X, Y and Z. If I chose Plan A my husband would be frustrated and annoyed because Z. (This offered a small glimpse into what men face daily with women.)

Though I knew I needed to be strong, fear and tears literally overcame me. Attempting to honor my husband’s theoretical perspective and my comfort level I tried to find another way but I chose the best of the worst, because it was best.This plan meant  I would not only be driving my husbands new-to-him truck, I’d now be towing a trailer behind it.

“I need to learn everything about driving with a trailer on this drive home.”

As we pulled away and headed to my house I asked the professional for advice. He understood my anxiety and gave me basic advice I swore to drive by:

Take every turn wide.

Do not EVER put yourself in a position that requires you to back up.

Simple, right? (I’d learn otherwise in Weed, California at the Shell gas station, but that’s another story.)

I broke the news to my husband: I’m hauling a trailer behind your truck. It’s the best option to get everything up there in a single move. However, you’ll need to turn right around and take it back because it’s an in-town rental, which saved us hundreds of dollars.

I hoped the significant savings would buffer frustration.

Considering the health of his mom, the fact she was back in the hospital, returning immediately following our move somehow made sense in my mind at the time. What I didn’t understand then was how difficult single parenting in the unknown would be. But that was still days away and a lot of life stood before now and then.

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