Waiting: The Song in the Heart

waiting-with-a-songThe days of worshiping with our church family dwindled and I lamented leaving every facet of our only months-old church. Disappointment swept across my face when our pastor announced Citizen Way would lead worship and our service the week before our move. I felt robbed of one last message from our gifted pastor but God planned with every heart in mind, mine included.

That Sunday we arrived, still emotionally satiated from our farewell gathering the day before. Warming front row seats as usual every strum and chord echoed through our hearts. Surprisingly, the truth Citizen Way fed us between songs hit me with profound effect.

I asked my husband to pick-up their cd’s to take on the very long drive that stretched before us which led to a disagreement. Regardless of those details, we left church with two Citizen Way cd’s for our the seventeen plus hours we’d be in the car.

When we moved, their songs written like swords to combat doubt, discouragement and fatigue acted as spiritual gravity. I didn’t understand God’s reason for depriving me of another week’s teaching that day, but as the days turned to weeks and months, their songs strengthened my weary depleted heart.

Songs and melodies extended into prayers and pleas for help and hope. Blasting some angry music when our rental STILL didn’t close, when it looked like we might lose everything including the roof over our head, would have felt good, but blasting Citizen Way felt good and brought me back to the single dependable fact: God is in control and He loves me.

Through this move and transition intentional choices led to life-giving oases. What we feed our hearts and souls is crucial, particularly in times of transition and challenge. What’s going in your ears? Is it helping?


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