Waiting & Reflecting: Gems

waiting-reflectingEvery part of my life was undone and the only chance at surviving without shaving years off my life meant covering my anxieties with bold faith.

I trust You with our remodel.

I trust You will bring a buyer to this home.

I trust You will complete the sale of our rental.

Friends, it does sell…eventually…painfully…perfectly…but painfully.

I trust You will provide a home in Idaho.

We moved and lived between worlds. Discouragement and doubt set-in as the weeks dragged on.

I trust You will provide new friendships.

I cannot wait to tell you how aware God is of how He created me and how He provided even this. Psalm 139 is true!

I trust You will provide a church family.

After leaving a church, becoming a spiritual refugee and being part of a new church I was sensitive to a new church, yet those circumstances prepared my heart for the change. I’m prone to wander, in my thoughts, with my time, with my attitude…oh I need the church body for accountability!

I trust You will provide the time and energy I need to unpack a house and prepare for my teaching assignment.

We moved in the Friday before the school year began. My entire life was disheveled and moving forward faster than I could keep up with.

Friends and family prayed as I sent updates and requests. The scriptures these friends messaged me always came at the unexpected and right moments. From my vantage point at this moment, physically thereI wouldn’t change any of it. You’ll see why soon!

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