Waiting Between Two Worlds



Our house sold and we needed to move out but the rental refused to cooperate. Caught between two worlds we no longer could we stay in California but we didn’t have a home there either. The longing to arrive and get settled there was palpable though we left with heavy hearts.

All our possessions boxed except for two cautionary suitcases for our family of four. We didn’t actually know who we were staying with but we knew we could occupy a studio above their garage for a week’s time. (Details on that in another post to come.)

As much as I wanted to stay with the people in our community daily I longed more for our new home. I didn’t know how this would happen, how God would cushion my heart through the transition of letting go (He made me to live in community not isolation) but as circumstances swiftly changed I found myself distracted by the details and business that pushed us forward.

The Christian life is like that when we’re actively engaging our faith. We long for heaven (oh to see the throne room with the Father, Spirit and Son, the majesty and splendor of the room) but when we’re serving others, when we’re ministering and being ministered to the distance between the worlds shrinks in that moment.

At some point we have more waiting at the destination than the trailhead resulting in a tension builds an insatiable longing for the future home. This wasn’t the first time I felt caught between two worlds. The past few years an understanding of the discrepancy between the world we live and the world I look forward to living grows more vibrant.

As Christians we wait. We still have business that ties us to earth but a longing- bittersweet for many- for heaven swells within. Our treasures are shipped along the way and we wait as traveling foreigners on earth with only body and soul. Nothing else noteworthy but somehow we must be grounded in two worlds.

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