Waiting Surrendered


I made a list of all I need to write about our move at the end of August. Little did I know that today, the day I’d write the post would be the same day my husband passed his real estate exam for our new home state. Even more, I noticed  just before I clicked “publish”. God is SO good! 

They rarely have pews these days; I suppose people want their personal space when they sit through church. Most also want control over what the church experience is like. People argue over church music, old hymns or contemporary? Lights bright or dimmed? Passionate teaching or philosophical? Whatever the case, people are searching for spiritual experiences but when they encounter what they seek many leave it at the threshold on their way out.

We’re all prone to wander, but oh how I don’t want live as a tear-stained Christian during worship, a convicted heart during teaching but the same person when I leave for my mission field: The world around me. Belief turns to faith and faith leads to action well beyond our abilities.

Mine God, It’s All Mine

It’s comfortable to proclaim, “All I have is Yours Lord,” but is it really God’s or ours? What are you willing to surrender for God? It still takes my breath away when I consider the business we kissed goodbye following God there.

Business partners didn’t understand: Who in their right mind would leave behind a thriving established business? My husband ranked regularly in the top percent of our county and even two months after leaving remained number six in our office. Moving meant starting over in a closed market no less. We’re aware God doesn’t guarantee another thriving business simply because we trusted and obeyed but we’re equally aware and well versed in God’s provision for our needs.

If consider what’s on the line with our obedience I would be overwhelmed by fears we’ll be destitute. Because I’m human anxiety creeps in trying to steal my attention from my Hope. I push it aside because I want to be invested, I don’t want to be a sideline Christian.

The smaller we are, the bigger He is.

I’m also aware that God is our provider, our security and ultimate protector. Our self-reliant culture takes comfort in salaries, benefits, retirement plans and college savings. We forget THE source from which those come from and live oblivious to how frail and misplaced these hopes are until God mercifully strips them away when economies tank and layoffs happen. Then we remember not my will but Yours.

It’s terrifying to take such steps of faith, but when God’s call is clear there’s no debate. Better to be where God leads than disobey and be disciplined. We might be forced to piece life together with odd jobs or squeezed once again from a place we love, but God is good, dependable, merciful, generous and kind. Our hands are open-fully- here you go God. He’ll fill them overflowing in His own way and time with untold treasures.

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