Waiting When the Impractical Triumphs & Memories are Forged


Our timeline moved faster than we could keep up with, but with inspections and appraisals completed we found ourselves in a lull. Something struck me when we moved from Denver to California. My eyes opened to small windows of opportunity to rest I typically miss.


Driven by productivity I’ve missed much in life. If we’re moving then my time should be spent ensuring we’re packed and ready to go. I once completely disregarded the need to pack our hearts or leave treasures behind with those we hold dear. Then we endured the most emotionally difficult move from Denver to California.

For the first time ever I laid the to-do list aside long enough to catch a glimpse of a bigger picture. Financially strapped and pressed to pack we took an impractical trip to Aspen and Maroon Bells. When we returned we took time to visit with friends. Guess what, despite all this we made the move successfully.

No Hedge for Chaos

Through many moves and hectic life experiences I’ve learned there are times no amount of planning will eradicate chaos. No amount of packing and planning will pack those final boxes and clean the residence any earlier than the moment the tasks can be performed. This once frustrated the productive planner in me. I wanted a move like you see in the movies, those final frames of the couple taking a SINGLE box from an empty perfectly clean room while appearing rested.

I don’t ever imagine I’ll move in that way, but I’ll tell you the best way to pack and leave so your heart is full:


Though busy we took time to get together with friends. We swam and swam and swam more knowing those days splashing the pool with friends will not be common there where swimming pools are scarce. Without feeling guilty I took time to go to yoga classes that nursed my body and soul equally (how I wish I could take one of Matt or Stephanie’s classes today!). I met with friends who God used to shape me wherever and whenever possible. (Full disclosure I even double dipped with some dear friends.) We enjoyed breaking bread with families we’ve shared the past years with and now, when my heart aches for another Thai night with our mixture of serious and silly conversation as our kids enjoy friendship I dip into the reserves we filled.

Steve and I enjoyed our favorite restaurant again, then again and once more because where will we ever find a place like Concetta’s where incredible food, ambience and friendliness meld perfectly? I savored the fact I could select a coffee shop based on the vibe, sit for hours and write anonymously. Purposefully I absorbed the sound of the neighborhood kids building Legos, riding bikes and slamming the front screen door as they came and went. I enjoyed our neighbors knowing my concept of neighbors would soon shrink and shift (or would it).

Sundays after church our family shut the place down. Those brothers and sister, oh how sweet it is to know people who love and desire God so much. Will the sting of being called away from such believers ever fade? Those we are given the opportunity grow and fellowship with are precious, together we make the church.

It’s taken many years, moves, beginnings, endings and experiences to take a play from Jesus’ book: Rest.

Busy healing, performing miracles teaching and discipling Jesus rested in the bottom of a boat, in the company of his disciples during Passover and finally in the garden before being arrested and killed. Jesus found rest and recognized opportunities in the hectic ministry to steal away and simply abide and enjoy.

If you’re feeling frazzled, if life is hectic, you can take a rest. It’s incredible, but most things you think are important will evaporate. Prioritize and know what God is calling you to and you will forge a life beyond productivity, you will leave behind a legacy that continues to lure others to the foot of the cross.

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