Waiting in the Wait


Our second day into our prayer trip I sat on my cousin’s front porch step two states away and stared blankly at the homes across the street while on the phone with our pastor. Uncertain of exactly what to say but confident in what I needed to do we discussed a women’s ministry concept.

The Heart of Ministry

For two years the concept of women deliberately cultivating intergenerational relationships expanded. I dreamed of nursing moms learning and receiving comfort from veteran moms grateful to hold a baby close again. I dreamed of generations encouraging each other through the seasons and storms of life. Though good, the vision lacked so I waited.

At that time we attended a well-established larger church. The structure of an already established church meant ministries already existed. Most importantly, every time I intended to present the concept to our pastor something in my heart stopped me.

Personally I wanted the ministry to be created and implemented. I wanted and needed those women, but God knows best. Obediently I waited (and let’s be honest, slightly okay with the wait because taking action require effort) gave me time to practice finding rest, comfort and wisdom from the unending source.

The ministry continued to take shape as I worked on a book project revolving around the concept of intergenerational relationships that I postponed after my dad died (I would write a thick book titled After Dad Died).  The more I learned through research and observation surrounding women relationships the heavier my heart grew. Still, God didn’t give me a green light to charge forward. Why not now Lord?

Resting in Brokenness

Two weeks after my dad died our church suffered a significant fracture and many became spiritual refugees; our family included. Through this process God birthed a new church and new opportunities opened. Resting in brokenness God opened my eyes to a world I couldn’t before see.

Not all women are mothers.

Some by personal choice,

some by God’s design,

but women need each other.

The young adult that just graduated high school and the woman that celebrated her eightieth birthday equally need each other. The new grandma and newly married woman need each other. The woman who just donned the title mom and the mom with a newly empty nest need each other.

Motherhood isn’t an elite group that makes a woman; women are created woman from birth.

We need the wisdom earned with experience and the exuberance and determination of youth. God created us to be together but our culture divides and debases the elderly. Culture celebrates those current with technology, trends and pop culture while marginalizing women content or simplistic.

While sitting in church God gave me clear direction to talk to a woman. In the past I participated in a ministry she led that inspired the structure for the intergenerational woman’s group. I spoke with her about my vision and described the deep need among our segregated generations to build relationships. We prayed and spoke a few more times to refine the details of the ministry then I went to our pastor.

There I sat, states away sharing with our pastor over a broken connection the vision and heart God gave me for women. At this point I didn’t know if God would move our family, but confident in the direction He gave towards this ministry I proceeded forward. I decided to move forward with the confident direction God gave me though I hesitated because I didn’t know the rest of my story. The possibility of moving could easily dim my joy in seeing a two year’s wait come to life.God doesn’t ask more than willing obedience so I trusted Him with the details.

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