Waiting With Triplets Part II

Waiting With Triplets Part II

When time is of the essence (a classic real estate phrase) a week and a half to provide information is too long, but something happened during that “long” wait. Something about this property drew me in and I found myself prematurely sad about losing the property there.

Through the wait my husband and I agreed we wanted to purchase the home regardless of the results.

If it was bad, it couldn’t be that bad, right?

We called our lender and gave a green light to go through with the appraisal. Unfortunately, not all decisions are reversible. Too late to salvage the original appraisal our lender ordered a new appraisal. That’s when we learned it would take another three weeks to complete the appraisal. My heart sank deep. If we didn’t cancel the first appraisal the transaction’s scheduled close would take place in a week and a half. We need to get there. Later we learned the appraisal wasn’t the only clog in the wheel.

Another Laundry List

Unintentionally our request for repairs mirrored the laundry list we received on our rental. Again, I received a phone call from my frustrated husband. He regurgitated the response to our request for repairs which underwhelmed us equally; clearly our request was not well received by the seller. After he finished saying what he needed to say I made my words as delicate as possible: This is probably how the buyers of our rental felt.

Being on both sides of a real estate transaction at the same time brings significant levity to the field. We agreed to the ironic credit towards our closing costs and proceeded with the purchase with new peace and confidence.

The Easiest Transaction of All

We assumed the home we lived in would proceed smoothly, but nothing else was going according to our plans. I held my breath. Would it appraise? Would the buyer be knit picky adding to the laundry lists?

Selling at the top of market value always poses the threat of not appraising and renegotiating. Our neighbor three doors down sold high, but an appraisers perspective of bells, whistles and valuation is subjective. What if she was assigned our file? My husband called out an appraiser who demonstrated no understanding of our client’s neighborhood in her appraisal and she held a grudge (the property appraised shortly thereafter for 30K over her appraisal- my husband knows his stuff). I fought fretting over the value and when the appraiser arrived my nerves were affirmed, fortunately not because she arrived.

Perhaps my interest in the property blinded me. Aloof and cold, she was unlike any appraiser I’ve met at a property. Left with no other option, we prayed.

The Best Option Ever

Back in college my brother teased my enthusiastic nature. My zeal over life’s simple pleasures, a part of my dad I hope lives forever, often concluded with the phrase, “It’s the best ever!” Though I meant it heart and soul, the realistic-skeptic philosopher found it improbable, perhaps insincere, that I could feel so passionately about so many things (I still do) and in brotherly fashion he would ask sarcastically, “Is it the best ever?”

Let me go on record loudly, clearly and sincerely:

Praying is hands-down THE BEST OPTION EVER.

We prayed, friends prayed, the body of believers prayed over every part of these transactions. Because of those prayers I could stand strong and surprisingly calm all things considered.

Then the appraisals came back- every single one at or above market value. A transaction is never over until it’s over but we celebrated this milestone.

God knows.

He knows our breaking points.

He knows exactly where to instruct our hearts.

He knows how to rebuke our shortcomings.

He knows our desperate need for love (not the fluffy Hallmark card type).

He loves us.



Too often we associate struggle with bad, problematic or something we should run from when in fact we should receive and rejoice that our God loves us so much that He wants to grow our hearts more. What’s problematic without God is possibility with God. When we run out, when we run dry is when we most willingly allow God to reveal His loving power to overcome. (As I write this I consider the struggles we face as we transition and am reminded to hold fast).

A sweet loll swelled and we enjoyed the calm before the next storm. We knew it wasn’t over but we didn’t expect the severe storm headed our way.

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