Waiting with Triplets Part I


Most people consider real estate sales and purchases a major life event. Even though real estate is our industry, the stress is as real as it is for the average person. On a stress inventory taking on a new mortgage or changing residences will alter your score significantly and we experienced that stress times three.

Paired with packing for a major move and saying goodbye to family and close friends the stress scales tipped, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. God’s most obvious when we find ourselves helpless to stand on our own and we found ourselves helpless indeed.

Reports and Reconciliation

In my twenties when I first plunged into real estate my dad walked me through clients’ inspection reports. “Cellulose debris sounds terrible but it’s usually nothing to worry about. It’s a way of saying there’s some trash on the ground,” years of seasoned experience passed down. Sure enough, when I looked at the unremarkable photos of cellulose debris I laughed.

On an average home, most items that arise on the inspection reports are not major but sound dire. Without an experienced agent invested in educating clients the small items like cellulose debris often destroy a transaction. Unfortunately the buyer of our rental did not have such an agent.

The poorly drafted request for repairs included items not even mentioned in the inspections or reports and referenced wrong items and page numbers. When my husband called his frustration pricked me through the phone. Already the buyer’s agent wouldn’t take time to answer phone calls. Once he actually said in a hushed voice, “I can’t talk right now I’m at the movies.” It was the middle of a business day. Now we realized the buyer’s agent really didn’t know how to counsel his client.

Every part of how I’m created poured out:

Stubbornness: Forget them. We’ll just put the house back on the market.

Justice: This is unreasonable. Where’s the middle ground?

Faith: We trust You Lord. Are we supposed to give them what they’ve asked for so we can close on the house there? Are we supposed to stand our ground? Are we supposed to trust that if we cancel this arrangement You’ll provide housing for us?

Concurrent Inspections

Meanwhile, the timeline for inspections on the property there ticked. Initially a couple of items made me cautious about moving forward. Unfortunately, the inspection reports didn’t help: Further inspection recommended.

A crack ran the length of the ceiling in a downstairs room. There are many reasons for such a crack, but my greatest concern centered on why. A home with multiple owners holds buried stories. What if there was a load baring wall there that someone removed to open up the rooms? Trust me, we’ve seen all sorts of ridiculous “updates” that compromise structural integrity.

Some electrical issues also concerned us, but not nearly as much. Electrical issues usually aren’t too much to repair (in light of other items). We requested the seller have a contractor come to the home to provide a professional opinion on the crack and if needed a suggested remedy.

Meanwhile we learned our appraisal would cost more than double (nearly a thousand dollars) the cost of homes in our area. We didn’t want to waste money on an appraisal if the inspections showed the need for significant repairs so we canceled our appraisal. Oh how that would later cost us!

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