Waiting for Home **With Kids**

Waiting With Kids

I said Yes and we accepted an offer on our rental and we needed to find housing there. You’ve already read about how we found the single property that met our needs (and wants) but remember, we’re moving with kids. The kids joined us on our trip to secure housing and on that trip I came face-to-face with enemies I know well. As much as I wanted to follow God’s lead guilt and anxiety crept their tentacles around my heart

How can we take them away?

I worried about leaving the prized F’s: Family, friends and familiarity. These are their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and role models they look forward to visiting with. Our daughter’s reprieve from her boy dominated world and joy when surrounded by her older girl cousins-gone. The “Dude Time” my brother lavished on our son through fishing adventures- gone.

These important people were here, not there.

Here are the places they know and appreciate; the church they look forward to worshiping, learning and fellowshipping at. Here are the neighborhood friends, a resurrection of neighborhood’s past with boys who build jumps, scrape knees and bruise egos together.

These were here, not there.

What about anger?

Parenting a world changer is rigorous and unrelenting so the thought of parenting complications led me to feed in a field of anxiety. What if the kids reacted with anger? What if they rebelled? What if this move creates impossible parenting complications?

What about obedience?

Our choice to move reaches into the futures of our children. Similarly to my work as a parent teaching and training my kids, God disciplines those He loves. If my husband and I dismissed God’s prompting and disobeyed His clear leading our children would also live through necessary correction by no fault of their own.

It could be worse.

What if our children thought obeying the Lord was dependent upon our wishes and desires? What if they decided like most people to “follow their heart” instead of their God? Their lives would be wrought with emptiness, brokenness or disappointment. This would qualify as an epic failure as parents.

Obedience Beyond Our Lives

Then I wondered, What if this move is bigger than my husband and I? What if God is simply using us to take our children somewhere else to prepare them for the future already Divinely planned?

Wonder is a powerful fright or incredible encourager and I couldn’t allow myself to perch too long on either speculation. Those “What if’s” robbed years of my life and stole intended blessings that would fill a book. Paul wrote a freeing truth for people like me who constantly battle the mind.

“…Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise…Then the God of peace will be with you.” Philippians 4:8b, 9b

My perspective shifted.

We’re not taking them away; we’re giving them a way.

Summer’s dusk cast a glow upon meadows ripe with sweet grass as we drove through country roads there. Wide-open windows drew the stale valley air from our lungs. Heads out the windows our kids were happier than any dog I’ve seen. An unexpected excitement gushed from our kids as they counted deer delicately grazing on the tips of bright blades still reaching for the sun’s nourishment.

They were hooked… at least while the heart of the adventure was in the distance.

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