Waiting & Dangling

Waiting & Dangling

Waiting with expectations isn’t the same as an attitude of entitlement. Though I waited on God and knew He would provide a buyer for our rental I struggled. My attitude rose and fell with the practice of waiting like a baby taking first steps. God gave me endless opportunities to practice.

I struggled with the risk of the home not selling and suggested a price adjustment. My savvy husband rightly resisted. He knows when to hold and when to fold. It’s part of how God created him and one of many qualities that make him an excellent Realtor. His resolve was rewarded, but not without blemish.

Open Houses Work?

In our market, it’s not common for people to go to an open house and write an offer. Steve hosted the open house on Father’s Day, an attempt to reduce the inconvenience of showings for our tenants. We hoped for an offer but didn’t hold our breath.

It felt like an eternity but four days after the open house we received an offer from a person that took a quick look through the home. We hesitated moving forward with the offer because the agent and lender representing the buyer work our of a Los Angeles office. Experiences of flaky LA agents trying to do business in a drastically different market poured from my usually quiet husband. They simply don’t have a good reputation in Northern California and it rightly made us nervous to accept this otherwise solid offer.


With nothing else on the table to work with we decided to accept the offer. God provided what we needed to move forward with our move without an ounce of security. This transaction wasn’t going to be comfortable and that’s right where God wanted us.

Later we would find ourselves dangling by what we feared, an unresponsive real estate agent not to mention ridiculous repair requests. But much more took place between now and then.

The accepted offer came in time for us to haul the kids in the car seventeen hours and attempt to find a place to call home. They’d been cooped up in the car a month and a half earlier when we took our prayerful adventure. Was this too soon? Would they turn savage and revolt? Regardless, our time to find and secure housing was dwindling.

Does God have you dangling? Comment at the very bottom to encourage other readers or send me a private message in the box below.

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