Waiting without Tension

Waiting Without Tension

It was a morning without meditating or coffee. I should have just gone back to bed and started over but the crews were at our home ready to demo. What I said, I don’t recall, but how he responded I won’t soon forget.

Our contractor looked down into my eyes with mixture of concern, fear and disbelief, “Julie, are you okay?”

Maybe he was reminiscing our previous project a couple of years back and worried the crazy side of me ruptured again. On that project we subcontracted a dream team of skilled contractors only to find them squabbling and arguing. He was the contractor I directed my frustration toward and also the first I asked to help with this project.

When I asked him to bid out the job he was surprised.

“Are you sure you want to hire me?” his words laced with doubt and uncertainty.


Why would I willingly choose to hire a contractor that frustrated me on a previous project? Simply put, his skills, creative problem solving, his crew does what he says, our timelines meshed and his rates are reasonable.

Hindsight Helps

I didn’t realize how stressful living through a full remodel is. Overwhelmed by exposed rafters, posts, piers and dirt crawl space in the kitchen my tension pushed the thermostat to miserable for everyone. Remodeling is fun but the process always brings the unexpected.

On that hectic morning at the beginning of our new project he called me out. My ego slightly bruised and my heart winced before I managed a faint smile. In that single moment his four words turned the scales for the entire project.

“Yes. I’m sorry. I’m not going to act like that.“ God gave me another opportunity to complete a project gracefully.

Problems are inevitable because nothing is certain until we rip everything out and the new installation is complete. I accepted the unknown and trusted God would work through the situation.

The Christian life

Accept and Trust

This is the Christian life, a living remodel. God will complete all the work He began in our lives and in the world. We can choose to raise the tension or accept the timeline is out of our control but our attitude isn’t. We can fret about politics and global decline or we can accept the demo and improvements God is doing and be tools to live out His love in our ordinary unfolding story. 

We choose who and what we live for during the remodel. What’s your choice?

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