The Other Side of Waiting

The Other Side of Waiting

Material blessings are responsibilities that require tending and saying “yes” hurled into motion a series of events. Saying yes meant taking the bull by the horns and getting dirty.

Here’s what our yes meant practically and immediately:

Yes to telling PERFECT long-term tenants the home they diligently care for will be sold.

Yes to the uncertain response from our tenants.

Yes to the uncertainty of the rental selling and being on the hook for another mortgage payment without a rent check coming in.

Yes to gutting my kitchen and bathroom.

Yes to living through remodeling chaos while preparing to move.

Yes to finding creative ways to feed our family.

Yes to having people coming and going in our home.

Yes to uncertainty that we would recoup the cost of improvements to our home.

Yes to the uncertainty of inspections and repairs.

Yes to the uncertainty of appraisers.

Yes to the uncertainty of the economy.

Yes to making time to find a home states away in the midst of this.

Yes to wrapping-up the odds and ends in our hometown by rallying for dentist, doctor, orthodontist, haircuts and optometrist appointments that usually take long-term planning.

Out & Into

The only certainty accompanying our yes was the clarity God provided. Every time we stepped out in faith and into the uncertainty God provided a solid path.

Even as I write uncertainty continues to surround the details of our move. I don’t know how God is going to pull things together (ironically we might soon become homeless) but I take comfort in His unchanging character. Normally just one of these would cause me to be a disastrous wreck but since I’ve accepted living in His unfolding story of my life I’m living in wonder. Trust me, I still have meltdowns, but graciously God comforts my tired heart and hears the prayers of my sisters walking with me.

If you found our prayerful drive and job offer compelling stick around! What God did with these details magnificent, though uncertain at every moment. Over the next several days I’ll share with you The Other Side of Waiting.

We are living this song. Lyrics Here! 

Have you recently stepped out in faith? I’d love to hear about it!

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