Waiting Privately

Waiting Privately

Secrets really aren’t much fun to keep. Really.

Normally an open book and firm believer in wholly sharing life I found myself sitting alone in the garden, a few close friends praying on the perimeter. (Not an original move.)

Before arrested Jesus prayed in the garden, His disciples on the edge offering privacy and (un)necessary protection. He needed focused time alone with God the Father. There, Jesus pleaded with the Father, sought to understand and surrendered His will.

God isn’t entirely who I want to please, if I’m honest. I’m easily swayed by the popular opinion of friends and family. Those who care offer their best counsel but when that counsel drowns the voice of God, when it’s motivated by heart and emotions it’s no longer helpful. Especially at crossroads it’s crucial to lay low and pray relentlessly.

Waiting in secret doesn’t mean waiting alone.

When anxiety drifted in I’d text my cousin, my spiritual mentor or friend for prayer. When I questioned and doubted God provided tangible voices of encouragement. These spiritual VIP’s kept my focus on God, not feelings, compulsions or emotions. They directed me back to God’s character and biblical truth that anchors a heart.

There are times to sit quietly with God and request prayers from close spiritual warriors.

Do you have a spiritual mentor? If you don’t, pray God will provide someone and be prepared to be that someone.

PS- Here’s a song packed with truth. If it’s not your music style (not really mine) get past it and listen to the amazing lyrics or click here to read them.

2 responses to “Waiting Privately

  1. I’m loving this journey with you! The song in this one finally pushed me to let you know I’m here. The content has been so well written in these latest posts! A mystery novel unfolding. And you’re “getting” to live it 😋!

    • Thank you so much for “letting me know”! I never know who’s reading or tracking and it’s always encouraging to hear from kindred hearts!The Christian life is truly one of adventure!

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