Waiting with Wet Paint


Waiting with Wet PaintThe process of waiting makes it easy to forget and feel forgotten. The weekend following my conversation with the personnel administrator there I (unreasonably) felt like Joseph waiting for the baker and cupbearer to follow through (Genesis 40). I felt left behind. Why hadn’t I heard from the principal yet?

Lament is good for the soul; it flushes out wrong ways and desires. Once again God required me to surrender my ways for trust in Him and steps of faith-filled obedience. What God will do with a surrendered willing heart in where the Christian adventure begins!

The weekend behind me, a willing heart Monday morning started unlike any before.


“Get ready to move.”

The message was unshakeable. I was afraid to not prepare to move.

There’s only one other time God was this clear to me. During my second year of college God clearly impressed upon me to drop classes, change my major and become a teacher. Semester registration ended weeks earlier and I faced the unreasonable task of adding four classes once the semester began.

God’s clear call requires deliberate obedience. I followed His lead and watched the impossible unfold as every course need was met until I graduated.

God's clear call



I didn’t know where or when, but I knew God said to get ready and that was enough. My steps of faith-filled obedience began with painting our home. I’ve painted five homes and I’m a bit tired of painting, but I knew this home needed a different tone for the market. The kids and I piled into Red Rose and headed to the paint store and left with six gallons of paint mixed and loaded into the wagon.

I prayed as I painted, “I really don’t want to paint Lord. Will you please bless my effort.” I prayed over future friends, a future church family, financial provision, comfort for the family we were leaving behind. That Monday I prayed, painted and noticed that afternoon the cutting and first coat were finished!

I’ve painted enough to know my abilities and this was far outside my abilities particularly with two children underfoot.

As I continued with a second coat the following day the call came.

The principal called to invite me to interview for the position! As the conversation unfolded the question came, “Why? Why here? How did you ever hear about us?”

With all God is doing it is impossible to not mention the truth: God is moving us, but I played it safe with, “We felt compelled to move and in our search this position came up…”

The conversation opened and we spoke about the position and profession as well as the story God is weaving in our lives. Turns out the principal’s family has a faith story similar to ours!

Waiting through the weekend kept me going back to God. I became resolved to surrender, seek and pray. Several times throughout this process God require  faith-filled action before revealing and blessing.

What action is God calling you to take?


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