Waiting Gently

Waiting Gently

I’m relentless to a fault, even when it means pushing my way into where God is calling me. It’s as if God placed an order at the coffee counter and waits expectantly at the other end for a perfect finished product. When direction is clear I have a tendency to get ahead of God and do things my way. My obedient “yes God” fades quickly to “this way God”.

My obedient -Yes God-

Let Go, Let God

When we moved back from Denver God pried my grip open. It was painful and frightening to surrender to the unknown but despite my uprooted life I found the rest and peace David describes in the Psalms.

I didn’t want to force a move God never intended. Old task-oriented-tenacious me would call every principal and district I was considering but I didn’t want God’s will done my way. Thankfully God requires simple obedience because I didn’t have the ability to do anything more than simple without fear of unleashing my hard-wired nature.

I emailed my application to three districts and followed-up with a phone call to make sure they received the file. Two districts were friendly but the unpredictable happened when I called the third district.

Warmth poured through the phone and the busy personnel administrator took time to talk with me. She told me their story, how seventeen years ago she and her husband moved their family there.

Their kids were similar in age to ours when they moved. She gushed about what a wonderful place it is to raise a family and how friendly people are. Her genuine nature lured me in for more. I didn’t know much about there but if people were friendly like her we hit the jackpot!

Before we ended our conversation she said, “I’m going to make sure the principal looks at your application. You’d be a great fit around here.”

Dumbfounded I sat planted on the couch, smile swiped across my face in awe of God.

I expected the phone to ring in a day or two.

It didn’t.

The weekend came and my heart sank into somber acceptance perhaps this isn’t the place. I regurgitated truth to myself, “Okay God. Your will not mine. Where You go, where you stay where You are is where I want to be.”

God doesn't ask us to do the heavy lifting

God doesn’t ask us to do the heavy lifting, He asks us to be willing.

Are you willing?

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