Waiting for Details

Waiting for Details

Driving into California’s Central Valley excitement and anxiety played tug-o-war as “what if’s” infiltrated my mind but I settled on what was certain. Within the boarders of Idaho rests our future home, though I didn’t know then exactly where.

Selecting a state allowed my husband to begin working on his real estate license and strategy (prayer, lots of prayer- please pray!). As we pondered how to financially transition our business my husband asked if I would consider going back to the classroom. Blindsided, I had not considered this possibility.

After our son arrived eight years ago I said farewell to the traditional classroom and homeschooled him from the start. We’ve enjoyed the schedule homeschooling and self-employment provided but the last year put me on my knees and in tears regularly.

Looking back, I’m grateful for that specific struggle. I didn’t know we would suddenly move or that I would actually be called back to the public school classroom. The tears and frustration during last school year don’t compare to the heartache I’d face if homeschool life were utopia. We fight discomfort and difficulty but God has a knack and uses all that chafes for a higher purpose. 

The ugly truth: Normally I argue, reason, and rationalize a dissenting opinion, particularly with my husband. I started down that path but stopped sobered by the facts: Our world was drastically changing, nothing made sense and all options must be explored. I agreed to look into what it would take to obtain a teaching license in Idaho but my heart lacked resolution. I was like the girl at the mall kiosk texting while potential sales walked by the booth completely unnoticed. Then God shook me up!

Due to the credential I hold in California licensing in Idaho wouldn’t take much effort. Except, oh wait, my California license expired a few months earlier! I scrambled to renew.

The renewal process I began on a Monday that should take weeks? Oh yeah, without any prodding or coercing my renewed credential was ready four days later. Things like that don’t just happen and I became a little nervous. Wow God, are you really going to do this?

As I looked for jobs nothing grabbed me until I noticed this position:

4 day work week

Openings: Second Grade, 2/3 combo, third grade

“If I’m going to go back, this is the PERFECT position! FOUR days is a gentle transition and second grade is my favorite grade to teach! Our son can be in the combo class and be challenged but remain with his age group!” Did you catch a hint of my enthusiasm?

“Where is it?”

In my excitement I hadn’t looked at a map.

“Um….I don’t know…” I checked a map, “Farther north than we want to go.”

Coincidently, while on our road trip he asked specifically if I wanted to drive to this town.

“No, we wouldn’t actually EVER move THERE. We need to head east and get to our friends and that would add an extra three hours to our trip. The kids don’t need that right now,” said the woman now moving there.

The Israelites watched God provide manna, lead in impossible ways and part masses of water so they could cross on dry ground. How amazing that would be to witness yet I’m witnessing direction beyond my reach and am in awe.

God doesn’t need to part literal waters to reveal Himself. Where are you seeing God show up in your life or how are you seeing the provision of rest and preparation?


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