Waiting for Direction


If you had the option to move anywhere, where would you go? How would you decide?

For a year and a half my husband jockeyed for a road trip, an opportunity to explore new areas to live. I stalled. After all, I didn’t want to move.

Flick, one random winter’s day peace to move invaded my heart. Giddy with my surprise I told my husband, “I’m ready to move!” It felt safe. Saying you’re ready isn’t the same as taking specific action.

We didn’t know where we were called to move but we were in agreement that we were called to move.

The words to Chris Tomlin’s song I Will Follow are truer now in our lives than ever before.

“Where you go, I’ll go.

Where you stay, I’ll stay.

When you move I will follow you.”

People sing these lyrics and their hearts get emotional. Solidarity and resolve forms but usually it fades with the music. For me, these lyrics became a mantra of sorts. Unsure of where God was leading, really if He was leading we prepared to go or stay based on how He directed.

We needed a starting spot so we created a loose criterion: States within driving distance of our parents. We lived on the other side of the Rockies when our kids were born and didn’t want air travel to be necessary for visiting family.

Land appealed to us. We didn’t grow up on a farm or ranch but we had space as kids to explore and wander. I had orchards and vineyards (until replaced by housing) to run rampant through like it was the edge of the earth until my mom whistled for us to return home for dinner.

As long as we needed to create a framework to explore we added freedom. What states still offered breathing room? Regardless of political positions, California is passing laws swiftly and often without enough time for the public to respond in praise or dissent. Could we find a state where the public had a voice?

Since my husband becomes cranky in the heat, Arizona, Nevada and Utah were instantly zapped from the initial list. Oregon, Washington and Idaho became our focal point, well aware those might not be where God would say stay.

Spontaneously I called family in southern Idaho, “Can we come visit next week?” And like that, they said yes. I messaged family friends in Northern Idaho and Washington, “Can we stop and say hi in a week and a half?” Their warm welcomes and generous hospitality spurred our hearts. We were excited to get a “slice of life” from different regions and perspectives from people we trust.

The thrill of this scavengers hunt captivated me. Long hours in the car gave ample time to wonder, “Where on earth does God want us to go and how in the world will we know?”

We piled into Red Rose, our trusted Subaru wagon, and took off. Often as we drove we prayed as a family, “Lord, we know You’re calling us to move, but we don’t know where. Please show us where.” That wasn’t the only prayer, but I figured if God would show us where we could begin to prepare for a move in a year or two….according to my timeline.

How are you sorting through God’s leading in your life?


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