How Have You Influenced Your Partner? (Or Who Should You Date?)

Valentine’s Day is here and I cannot find a Valentine’s Card for my husband.

I’ve looked but the words are stale or fake so I opt for a standard blank card. The same is true for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day…you get the idea. I’m picky (my dad would say discerning).

It’s not that I’m against Valentine’s Day (I’m not) but I’m realistic and reflective. My husband says I need to lighten up.

(I’m trying.)

As I read my friend Bronwyn Lea’s article Who Should I Date (Dating Advice From The Trenches) I was refreshed and convicted…

Who have I become and how have I shaped my husband?

 It’s easy to become complacent or overwhelmed to the point of giving up. For those with a stack of standard blank cards and notches for anniversaries on our belts this article is a reminder.

Read the article and let me know, would your spouse still choose you based on how you live today? How have you influenced your partner?

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