Snuggles & Deadlines: Can We Have it All?

You already know I love nestling my kids close, but I haven’t spoken often about the internal battle taking place as I snuggle.

I should be getting that article finished…. 

The laundry needs to be switched over….

One more school assignment to complete for the day….

Sometimes while I snuggle my growing babes I miss the moment because I’m thinking about the proverbial task list.

Do you ever feel this way?

My dad left an incredible legacy behind and one of the odd gems is the window into his personal struggle to balance relationships with work.

Head over to The Mudroom and read how faith and legacy help me sort through this balancing act. Don’t forget to comment with any gems that have helped you find balance we can never have enough suggestions!Deadlines happen, kids grow up and peoplepass into the afterlife.


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