When Life Constantly Moves Us

I haven’t told Heather Caliri this, but I winced when I read the topic “easy faith”. I knew it was going to take a lot of digging and time sweeping up scattered remnants from the past year to write on this topic. I also knew it would be healing. I was right on both.

My friend and fellow Redbud Writer, Heather Caliri, who kindly shared here at Peacequility, invited me to contribute to her series “Easy Faith”.

As if.

As if any part of faith truly living faithfully is easy.

The past year has been nothing short of disastrous. I’ve felt the effects of the knocks but realized halfway through a tissue box how rigorous the past year has been.

Then I wrote it and I saw how good God has been.

Hop over to Heather’s home, sit back on her couch and let me share how I know God sees US and loves US through all life throws our way. 

Though it all,


PS. My husband folks is a rockstar! With the pile of challenges we have faced in life, he has winced and cringed at my writing, but without begging, pleading or extortion, he has also said, “Share it. This will help others.”

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