The End…and Continuation/Reveling in Revelation No. 31 {#Write31days}


This is it friends, the final day. It took thirty days to arrive, and with the pressures life dishes up, I was ready to be let off the hook! Isn’t that how life is?

I remember halfway through my first pregnancy saying aloud, “I could be pregnant forever! I love this!” Elated to still hike and live life as usual with my new buddy, I had no reason to long for a conclusion. The sentiment shifted completely when I went past my due date because I was incredibly unbearably uncomfortable. Without that discomfort I would not have longed for the end to come.

It was a definitive and traumatic end. Rushed into a surgery room to rescue my son from my body wasn’t the ending I ever had in mind for pregnancy. There wasn’t anything romantic or beautiful about the process, but it was over and in my arms I held a beautiful baby boy in my arms. One era had ended and a new one began.

If something in your life is concluding, perhaps in a dramatic way, will you trust God with the new beginning He holds for you on the other side of your circumstances?

God designed the world to be longing, anxious for His final return, forever free from the barbs of personal sin and a fallen world. Let’s be His hands and feet as we await His return!

This is the final Write 31 Days post, but I will be continuing a weekly Reveling in Revelation series that will mirror my bible study (Bible Study Fellowship may be meeting in your niche on the globe- don’t miss out!). I’d love for you to stop by and see what unfolds from Revelation each week!

I appreciate all the encouragement from you readers. My son and I look “where in the world people are reading” and I’m so grateful to be mutually encourages with many of you! Your “likes” and comments are deeply significant as each step I take feels like a step into the unknown. Again, THANK YOU sweet readers!

As this writing challenges concludes, I’m excited to have time to write again on

Grief (I have so much that needs to come out on the subject in the wake of my dad’s death four months ago)

Parenting (I’m realizing how Americans are permitting and enabling kids, (unnecessarily) praising kids, teaching kids to be self-absorbed, and the weight of my baggage coming out in my parenting….so much to say!)

Marriage (again, so much material as remnants from my previous marriage resurfaces when I least expect it)

Relationships (after forgiving, how do we get along when we’re hurt and broken?)

Book Reviews (I cannot WAIT to share what I’ve been reading and why I think you will enjoy and benefit from too!)

I hope you keep coming back to Peacequility for encouragement, insight and opportunity to reflect on the intersection of grit, grace and hope!

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