The Cost of Compromise/ Reveling in Revlation No. 19 {#Write31Days}

Reveling in Revelation No. 19


Yesterday was my son’s birthday and quite eventful as we ventured out whale watching in Monterey, California. Every bit of me intended to post faithfully like the previous seventeen nights, but it happened..

That IS a donut cake. I offered to make him a cake or let him choose a cake from the store (which we NEVER do) or make a donut cake. I love his choice!

That IS a donut cake. I offered to make him a cake or let him choose a cake from the store (which we           NEVER do) or make a donut cake. I love his choice!

The water hit the side of the boat like a boxer ready for a TKO. Naturally, the ego of the captain at risk turned into the caps to conquer. I’m sure he had the best strategy, but the conditions proved to be fatal to my stomach. Unfortunately, I won’t be remembered as a jolly and kind shipmate. I’ll be remembered for gracefully leaning over the railing to ease my body and courteously staying away.

Good news though, my son was able to see multiple humpback whales at their best breeching, spouting and lob tailing! Sitting with legs leveraged on the side rail I was able to watch a pod greater than one hundred dolphins surf in the wild ocean. Since I won’t visit Sea World, it was an absolute delight to see these creatures in their natural habitat doing what they were made to do.

All of this to say, the only thing I could manage when I got home was to have the kids and I brush our teeth and climb into bed.

Today has been catch-up, so I’m going to do a five minute write on one word:


a settlement of differences by mutual concessions; an agreement reached by adjustment of conflicting or opposing claims, principles, etc., by reciprocal modification of demands.

Ready or not, GO!

We’re constantly told that we need to compromise, find the middle ground, and yet, as I ventured a mere twelve miles into the Pacific Ocean, there was no compromise to be found in the wild. Compromise would lead to death.

The church at Sardis knew a great deal about compromise, as did the churches at Thyatira and Pergamum. Jesus sent specific words to those churches calling each to wake-up and do what is right. God is really great about warning us well before the edge of the cliff appears.

We cannot deny that compromising God’s ways will lead to death. God doesn’t do this to manipulate and scare us, He tells us His ways clearly, so we can live confidently in contentment, peace and safety.

When we try to bend God’s ways to match the worlds, we no longer represent God’s love, but self-love and self-preservation. We must boldly live out God’s love to a hurting world without apology, without compromise.

I’ve been compromising in many areas of life, I want to be liked, I want to blend in and be like everybody else. But that isn’t the life God called me to and there is no rest in living something you’re not. Maybe you’re like me? Let’s band together and encourage each other so we can share love with a hurting world.



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