Where You Live/ Reveling in Revelation {#Write31Days}

Reveling in Revelation No. 12

“I know where you live- where Satan has his throne.” Revelation 2:13

Life was difficult for my friend and I. Our marriages had disintegrated in a short period of time, anything compared to a lifetime is short, but we found comfort knowing we were not the only marriage flunkies. We heard about them all the time, statistics get thrown like darts always intended to hit a specific target, but our married peers were flying high, still in honeymoon mode.

A far cry from the house I had purchased months before the fatal words forever severed our marriage, the room I rented felt safe and secure until the night I never returned.

During the onyx hours we sat in her car talking, encouraging and commiserating, a conversation that lingered much longer than we expected. An hour or more elapsed in the still of the night, cars rested silently in the parking lot and in the lull of our conversation only the sounds of nature could be heard. Which is why the masked men suddenly approaching our car squelched any volume our lungs could produce.

Four men swiftly emerged from a parked sedan and moved like glass towards our lone car. It was like one of those movies, their faces painted white making for hollow eyes and bodies cloaked in black. Someone held an object with eyes intent on us.

No different from the movies, the ignition didn’t start the first time she turned the key. Terrified is to tame a word for that moment. As we sped away our swift shallow breathing would not stop. By God’s grace we were safe and I never slept in that apartment again.

Though this letter was written to a church in a city where “Satan has his throne” God knows where we live and He knows the times we live in too. The physical and spiritual hurdles and dangers we face daily are not a surprise to our Creator. He goes on to praise the church of Pergamum for holding steady to God; clinging to Him.

Our risky world has made for a more anxious and fearful group of citizens, but when the darkness presses in, when we think we cannot hide or escape, God shows up. We would be much better off if we completely embraced reality: God didn’t just show up, He is with us all the time.

Satan is serious about his purpose, “…to steal and kill and destroy” but God is to, and He has come, “to give them a rich and satisfying life.” John 10:10

We choose where we live, in the cynical world of fear and anxiety or the hope filled world of God

Despite the surrounding evil we choose where we live and we can be like the church of Pergamum by standing fully devoted to our loving God in the face of evil and live fully.


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One response to “Where You Live/ Reveling in Revelation {#Write31Days}

  1. I would have been terrified by those masked men! Love this: We would be much better off if we completely embraced reality: God didn’t just show up, He is with us all the time. I forget that!

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