He Hold the Stars in His Hand/ Reveling in Revelation {#Write31Days}

Reveling in Revelation No. 11

“He had in His hand seven stars” Revelation 1:16, 2:1

I’m literal. What you tell me is literally what I’m going to expect which explains why my family was always concerned about the gullible baby of the family. Last week I read about the “sharp two-edged sword” coming out of Jesus’ mouth (Revelation:16) and sat contemplating what that would actually look like.


We’re currently studying marine mammals in our home, so I was drawing parallels between a narwhal’s singular five-foot long tooth that looks like a sword and Jesus’ double-edged sword. When I mentioned this to my husband his laughed echoed my three older brothers when I imagined something incorrectly.

My husband set me straight by explaining, “It’s referring to words,” the pause of the enlightened continued, “He’s speaking with sharp words.” Ah ha, so that’s what that meat, though I’ve still inwardly wondered, “What if we’re wrong about that interpretation? What would that look like?”

This past week I’ve been fixated on the seven stars that Jesus holds in His hands. I haven’t read commentaries on these stars because a childlike curiosity is currently holding me captive and I’m enjoying every moment. Whether or not this is literal, I’ve been reveling in the fact that Jesus could hold seven stars in a single hand if He wanted to.

Our son’s writing prompt last week included exploring “I need a haircut.” The more dramatic and drastic our rationale, the more our bellies rose and sank and as we laughed. Kids do that. They explore an idea, massage it and find equal delight in the likely and improbable possibilities. Too often adults forget God likes to explore and laugh too. In the quest for the right answer we snuff out the fun for each other.When we hear adults pine over the ridiculous we question their judgment and intellect; we steal a moment of fun.

Perhaps Jesus did hold seven literal gigantic stars in His hand, what would that look like? Picturing Him holding seven literal stars in His hand leads my heart to safety, like when a child is confident his parents can save him from the boogeyman. Our hands held up to the night’s bright stars are a solid reminder of how immense and great our god is.  Even if He isn’t holding seven literal monstrous stars, I am still in awe.

Will you step back and free your mind? Not in a hocus-pocus way, rather shedding the weight and confines adulthood brings to explore, imagine and delight in God’s glory?

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