When Excess Becomes Dangerous/ Reveling in Revelation No. 10 {Write 31 Days}

Reveling in Revelation No. 10

Never mind the chipping lead-based exterior paint or the fact the two bedroom home had one bathroom, the master had a glorious walk-in closet and that made my first home feel like a grown-up. I could open the door and walk inside the closet. The best part came with shutting the door and leaving behind the scattering of shoes tossed on the floor or the pile that may or may not need to be laundered. I should mention this glorious closet was a mere three feet deep and not much wider. Later sharing the room, with my husband, we both laid claim to mere three-foot lengths of a closet rod with a small shelf above. Reflecting a simple time when people had what they needed and not often much more, vintage walk-in closets were not the walk-in rooms of modern homes.

One contemporary home I showed a client was like walking into a small boutique. The precise recessed lighting set the stage for an island display case and area to sit; yes, a sitting area in a closet. Lush carpet for year-round comfort, an ironing board tucked into the wall, and deep cherry cabinetry drawers and cabinets for anything imaginable finished the room. It was that, a room.

Our consumerist driven culture leave most with extra in our closets. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have one of those giant closets, maybe not with the fancy bells and whistles, but sizeable enough for your kids to host a small slumber party comfortably. Believe it or not, by simply living in America, you’re rich. In fact, you and I are part of the one percent of the richest people in the world. I know you don’t feel like that, you don’t take fancy trips, drive a shiny new car that you trade-up every couple of years, but you’re reading this on a device placing you at the top of the ladder.
The ancient church of Smyrna was wealthy too.

“I know your works, tribulation, and poverty (but you are rich).” Revelation 2:9

What defines your wealth? Are you being swallowed-up by our consumer driven culture busy investing your time and energy on social media, being on every board and volunteer project in the community or constantly running errands? Is there a pile in the closet of clothes, shoes and accessories you worn once? Because I hate shopping, particularly for clothes, I have to honestly look at my vices: Travel, classes and shared experiences with my family.

God doesn’t despise people having money and possessions this side of heaven (look at Abraham, David, Solomon and others for proof) so long as that blessing doesn’t distract us from His purposes and glory.

Take an honest look at what how you are using the resources God gave you. Are you being faithful to use those resources for His glory or your comfort and satisfaction?


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