Doubt {Five Minute Friday}

One word, five minutes.

In it’s small glory, here it is:

Got Doubt-

Fear can paralyze me, but it’s twin, doubt makes my nerves flare wildly. They work together and left alone with them, they’re like bullies that dance around my soul wrecking havoc.

Doubt in our world systems, governments, school systems and even that people can think beyond themselves can dance around the fire of my soul in the wee morning hours, hours I should be resting. But they have a maker they will meet, my LORD, my Savior. And when, in the midst of the twilight soul battle I cry out for help, they’re quickly silenced when I say HIS name.

When I contemplate how he flung planets in our universe and embellished them with stars, when I think about the world beneath the ocean, when I think about the love of a LORD who would send a Savior to rescue my soul, doubt flees and I can rest in peace.

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