When Numbers Lie: Salvation for Christian Writers

When Numbers Lie-

A couple thousand years ago, haters thought they were extinguishing the root cause of spreading hope and change by crucifying Jesus. Wrongly, they assumed once Jesus was dead and gone their positions of power would be safe. What they didn’t anticipate was the resurrection of the Savior and growing power that comes only from a God powerful enough to fling stars into the heavens, creative enough to paint fish in every color of the rainbow and loving enough to care for the hearts of the men and women He uniquely forms.

Had they not heard that when it comes to our God the Creator, Savior and healer, numbers lie?

Did they not know that more than once, the focal point of their seething anger took a few morsels of food and made it more than enough for thousands to have satisfied tummies?

How, while here on earth, Christ took a few simple men and outcasts and used them to spread the truth of the most incredible hope and love?

Funny, when we look at numbers, our hearts can grow stodgy. The Pharisees were jockeying for power and position the same way Starbucks competes with itself with a shop on every corner. Blinded by their desire for temporary importance, they cannibalized the tangible prophesied redeemer they had awaited. When it comes to religion, it’s easy for the cornerstone to get missed, lost or dismissed in the daily.

Blinded like a Pharisee, my writing intended to share the joy of our salvation, can get lost in numbers quest. How far did that post reach? How many comments did people leave? How many times did it get shared? Did the right people see it at the wrong time? Will that editor look at my work and dismiss my book proposal because of what they see on my blog? Recently, I’ve been distracted and have missed the single One that matters. I’ve allowed the pressure to be in control and grow numbers to crucify my calling. 

Whether I like it or not, whether I think I’m qualified or not, He called me to write. He doesn’t ask me to grow the numbers, only to share His story. And I can do that because his fingerprints the story of redemption is all over my life.

This resurrection Sunday I celebrate the purpose of my calling and redemption of my writing. Today I hang my Pharisaical desires and shelf my habitual incessant desire to monitor numbers so my hands can be free to embrace the peace and joy of my salvation. Instead of attempting to grow my calling, I look to the single number and person that matters, God.

Numbers will lie, people are fickle, but pleasing God will outlast it all. What does God need to redeem in your life?

3 responses to “When Numbers Lie: Salvation for Christian Writers

  1. amen – same thing of sorts happened to David – God told him not to count his armies – he wanted David to have total trust and faith in him – not the numbers – and one thing is for sure – you won’t need to look at the numbers to see if I’m following you – because I am blessed by your blog and will continue to follow as I”m sure many are! God bless

  2. Ha. This is me too … the “other” Julie! Guess we have more than a name in common … guess that means we’re both human! I’ll high-five you with a Scripture reference: John 15:5!

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