The Art in Your Heart

The Art in

For many in my region pollens have prodded allergies which have led to colds. I would be so fortunate if my physical being were all that was affected right now, but because I’m allergic to whining, grumbling and complaining, because these have blossomed in full force, I’ve developed full blown laryngitis; writer’s laryngitis to be exact.

Naturally the opportunity to guest post on the Redbud Writer’s Guild blog would arise during a time like this. My voice kept breaking and nothing seemed to flow. I worked painfully to join the chorus of work centered around Easter. Namely writing on the redemptive work of writing or the gospel of Christ through art, but the words absolutely positively would not come. I could have pushed them out, a forced labor, but we all know how that reads.

I prayed.

I let go of the expectation to get on the Easter wagon (though it felt sacrilegious) and I wrote the story in my heart, what I need to be called back to every time I pick up a pen or tinker on the keyboard. Yes, we need salvation and I am grateful for my Savior, but today, I’m madly grateful for my Creator and giver of the art in my heart.

I hope your heart is deeply encouraged to let the art in your heart shine brightly!

Head over to Redbud to read the mere 600 word elixir!

It would be awesome to hear your thoughts! How do (or will) you let your art light shine?

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6 responses to “The Art in Your Heart

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    • Thanks David! It can really feel like that can’t it?! Looks like you’re site is one my hubs would be interested in! Banks for stopping by:)

  2. Oh Julie … what can I say? I think the devil is not as creative as he would like us to think … he’s been pulling the same crap on me. Lol. So interesting that when we take our eyes off of the passion God has placed in our hearts to elevate Him, and draw all eyes to Him, we start to stumble, to doubt the calling, to question what we’re done and why … and then we find the writing doesn’t flow. Interesting. We are on a journey and thankfully we know God does not set us up to fail. Keep pressing in!!

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