The Best Wreck: Learning to Navigate Life’s Messes Together

“Crashing into our neighbor’s parked car is a topic I couldn’t speak on until recently. The embarrassment and shame were pretty intense, so I avoided discussing the event and the fact it wasn’t the first wreck I’ve caused.

Maybe I should add that we had just moved into the neighborhood. We baked cookies and took them to the surrounding homes to meet our new neighbors. Unfortunately, this home hadn’t made the cookie cut….”

This is a true Julie account and what it taught me about sorting through disasters with a spouse can be found today at Start Marriage Right.

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3 responses to “The Best Wreck: Learning to Navigate Life’s Messes Together

  1. I crashed into a car at a stop sign hurrying to get to our church group who was lining up to be in our town’s Christmas parade. Horrid moment. A few short months later when we had traded in our old vehicle I smashed our new truck’s side view mirror against another van’s side view mirror, shattering it. I was in a church parking lot. Sigh. I contemplated not driving again but that is impractical. Thanks for sharing! You’re not alone!

    • Haha! Thanks Julie! I live that your events are church related! You must love the walkability of where you now live;)

      • Ummmm … so how bad does it sound if I tell you that both these events happened in said small town? Lol. Seriously. All true! We can drive anywhere in town in about 5 minutes BUT it does take much, much longer than that to walk everywhere AND it is cold here more than not so I think our vehicles are warranted! Hahaha.

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