“You Are Important” -God

Mall shopping (shopping in general) is NOT something I enjoy. Seriously, I treat shopping like a tactical mission with multiple exit strategies. But there are two redeeming factors at our local mall: See’s Candies and people watching.

Last night my husband made a fascinating observation about the people at the mall:

They’re all trying so hard to be important.

The way females walk (I have to use that because this phenomenon transcends the ages of tween to full-fledged women), as if they’re auditioning for America’s Top Model, with the head extended as high as possible, shoulders back, every step is a precise movement a conscious decision as if people are watching, as if people care.

Lips pursed, cheeks drawn in and lips appear as voluptuous as possible. Half the body is exposed partly because they want to be wanted, to be an object of desire and partly because the clothes just don’t fit and are riding up…or down.

The covered parts often conceal less, with the too tight too sheer leggings or tops that reveal every curve of the smallest part of the breast. And if it’s not too tight, well, it’s so loose you can just see it all. But this isn’t a post about modesty or how liberating feminists have opened Pandora’s box to objectify women…

It’s as if these females expect the paparazzi to be snapping photos and people to be gawking at their face on the supermarket tabloid later in the week. There’s a hungry battle for attention, hearts are thirsty to be noticed and noteworthy and desperate people do desperate things. Sadly, their ambitions will never satisfy.

For whatever reason, these females haven’t  heard or have forgotten God’s message:

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But it’s not just those females who forget they’re important to God.

There are people like me, a tactical shopper, who bares her vulnerable parts attracting fear and anxiety because I have forgotten my God is mighty to save those important to Him. There are those moments self-control and I have a sultry dance in the kitchen because I’m disillusioned and momentarily believe maybe something else can be better than my God.  The times discipline and I have a lovers quarrel because I don’t want to get up in the morning to meet my Maker who wants to know me.

There are times when I forget I AM believes i am important and all else pales in comparison.

Then my souls pangs of deep hunger, my heart is so dry and brittle it’s cracking and when in desperation I turn around, I cannot help but bump into my God because He’s always near, even when I’m distant. When I look at my Savior’s, my battle of the moment becomes a shadow because I am flooded by His beautiful radiance. Self-adoration turns to humble worship knowing Christ’s love covers all my crazy wrong ways.  I will never be enough. I was never called to be enough. But my God is enough.

Who are you trying to impress and attract? Have you forgotten YOU are important to the Creator who gives you life each day? Then friend, I’m here to remind you,

You Are Important

And if you know it,

believe it,

embrace it

and share it today

because you don’t have to look far to find a sister or brother could use a gentle reminder.

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