The ONE Resolution You Need

An annual practice of deeply reflecting on the year past and year to come has yet to make my to-do list. It’s likely you’re like me, busy. Not for the sake of passing time busy, but for sheer survival. The swift changes life naturally brings about now compounded by the rapid changes in our world can keep us occupied.

I’m also scared to step off the merry-go-round called life, afraid that what I find will produce regret that will swallow me whole. The details of my life bobbing in the wake of living leave me staring at my failures more than triumphs. Why did I waste time complaining about the aura my husband’s iPad creates during sacred bedtime? Why didn’t I spend more time leaning-in to my kids? Why did I allow fear to distract me from my calling?

I could go on and you could quickly produce a list of your own if I asked.

Like the day one realizes a spouse isn’t going to change or babies are forever, there are marked moments in life that take one’s breath away. We saturate our lives so we won’t have time for one of these big reveals. Sometimes we need to take extreme measures like pulling the fire alarm handle fire alarmor pushing stop on the elevator elevator stopbefore things get out of control.

Taking such action apart from Jehovah is like ingesting medicine without a prescription, a soul quickly overdoses. Stopping at the foot of the Savior’s cross and basking in the light of El Shaddai (God Almighty) heartache, fear, regret and their kin are reconciled and the why’s of yesterday are redeemed.heartache, fear, regret and their kin

The only resolution we need is to stand on this holy ground daily. With our eyes set on our God who sees you and me personally and longs to lead us into His blessings our lives our daily changed. Sure we still error, but we can safely stop without fear and in doing so, we find rest. This rest leads to restoration and peace beyond understanding, an extraordinary life. God doesn’t want to beat us up over mistakes and shortcomings He wants to erase them. Why continue huffing and puffing your way through life when the all-inclusive life of your dreams is immediately available to you?eyes

Stopping to look back over the year, I saw my selfish and prideful tendencies, and God showed me more. He showed me my determination and persistence in cultivating my family, a tender heart ready to learn to better care for others and that through distractions He is always present. It’s amazing the good God can bring out of our errors. El Shaddai doesn’t want to make me (or you) wallow in the misery of my wrong ways or pay for my mistakes. You and I are free and I look forward to a rockin’ 2015!TheONE Resolution You NeedFor 2015 (1)

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