The Star That Saves


“If you have a nativity scene, you need to put the stable and wise men at opposite ends of the mantle with a sign between that says, two years.” My pastor’s words made me chuckle but a thought has continued to swirl, twwwwoooooo years. The wise men began following THE star and journeyed two years before arriving at the home of the prophesied Savior, a growing toddler. Two years of dedication, endurance, and commitment to a belief in finding the prophesied king that may or may not come during a lifetime of searching.

Gazing at the Milky Way, those wise men knew the difference between a star and THE star because they had spent their lives studying the stars and the prophecies, watching for signs and waiting. Then the moment came, the star was spotted and they made their move. They didn’t have assurance of how long it would take to arrive at the unknown destination, but they were prepared and nothing would detour them from chasing after that star.

Don’t you think we’d be good wise men? Like the wise men, we spend lifetimes honing skills and learning. We know how to chase, just look at technological advances, corporate climbers, self-help tools, non-profits…we’re always chasing after something to make ourselves and sometimes our world “better”. The wise men followed the star of hope, what does your star offer?

Today, families are divided, jobs lost and hearts are broken, weary from a lifetime of pursuing a phony star. While following THE star leads to relentless hope when life gets dicey, the most exceptional counterfeit star is found empty. The wise men found more than a small boy, they found Emmanuel, God living among us. Authenticating THE star is easy, because no matter how much we pile on our end of a balance Emmanuel raises it with ease and offers our weary hearts His love, peace, hope and joy.

The wise men found Hope in an odd place because their eyes trusted the guidance of THE star. THE star will constantly call us back to Emmanuel and our hearts will be full when we follow anticipating the discovery of His work and finding God’s fingerprints in unlikely places. Where is your star leading you?

Have you

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