Why You Need Community Deeper Than Texts & Facebook

Not long ago while living in Denver, friends let their voice mails fill and would only respond to text messages. I was resistant to say the least. After all, hearing a voice on the other end of the phone is the closet thing to actually seeing a person. In a new city, alone without the entire family or longstanding friends around, my heart ached to deeply connect with people around me.  Succumbing to the ways of my friends, I began to fall in love with the art of texting.

Love TextTexting was sharing. Quick bursts of heartfelt silliness, pain, joy, pictures…at any moment I never knew what my phone would announce. It was fun, but in the depths of my heart I still felt disconnected. I know I’m not alone. I know there are many of you inwardly nodding your head as you read this.

facebook-whatsonyourmind?Concurrently, Facebook was birthed. Was I the only one that didn’t understand how seriously to take that question “What’s on your mind”? My searching heart was a bit shattered with some of the responses and my ego was bruised because “she doesn’t want to be friends?” So many questions hit a heart that was already vulnerable. To the girl who already felt invisible, I felt more autonomy than I desired.

This was a distinguishing period of time in my life. While I looked outward, towards people to fill my hearts void, to make me feel valuable, the emptiness expanded. Painful as it was, that beautiful pain drew me to God. It wasn’t that I just encountered God, I had loved Him for most of my life, but I began to learn that when allowed He filled every void in my heart. The more I learned who He is, my life began to stabilize no longer needing constant affirmations from those around me. (Though I still love ‘em!)

I’m well aware that without accountability, I delay sitting and meeting-up with God; the results are miserable. Alone I am defenseless against the darkness that constantly pushes in around me (often self-imposed). Alone, my thoughts, anxieties and feelings get the best of me. Without constantly ingesting God’s truth I am knocked down and blown away. I’ve learned it’s helpful to have some accountability and other people to share the journey with. Perhaps you can relate?

The lyrics of this song resonate so deeply in my soul! If you don’t care for the style of music, please listen to the words- they’ll nourish your soul!

Having community we can meet with face-to-face is precious, but not always an option. Moms with new babies or young children, people with health conditions, scheduling conflicts, lack of transportation….reasons that prohibit building a faith-based community are endless. So here I am, tech-experiences later, ready to co-lead a virtual bible study group!

During the (in)courage spring session I’ll be co-leading bible study tearing through I Peter we’ve titled “Standing (in)His Grace” with Lauren Huss from Living Life Write and Lauren Washer from Only From Scratch. There’s no sugar-coating the life’s razor edge and Peter doesn’t even try. His words, written to those with wounded hearts and those suffering because of their faith, breath life into the soul as he addresses life’s grit head-on offering comfort, encouragement and reasons why we can live courageously.

We’d love to have you join us, to be renewed and encouraged over the next six weeks!  You don’t have to be alone! If you’re looking for community, check out (in)courage and find a group that fits you! With 70+ groups geared towards every niche under-the-sun, you will find women to connect and share a life of faith with!

Please follow and share the above links to join a study or for simplicity, here they are again:

Standing (in) Hid Grace: I Peter

List of all (in)courage spring study groups (scroll to the bottom, find a category that interests you, click on it and choose a group)



8 responses to “Why You Need Community Deeper Than Texts & Facebook

  1. We definitely have to all work together to make relationships have depth over the internet instead of just providing a false sense of connection. I’ve realized recently how many people I know about (where they were over the weekend, what they ate, who they were with) but how I deeply know significantly less people.

    • Scary how comforting superficial is, right? Thanks for taking a moment to share your thoughts! Best with your group this spring!

    • Holly, Thanks for stopping by! Wow are we going to have an amazing time this spring!

  2. What is the website that means it is easy to understand podcasts and blog sites? I don’t get an iPod, does that make any difference? . bbcgeckbebdk

    • Not quite sure what you’re asking. Is there another way to phrase the question or some details that could help me?

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