The (Un)Lucky Innocent

Reconnecting with my husband at the end of the day has a brief mentally paralyzing effect as I attempt to sift through the slew of the day’s activity. How much do I tell him?

If I remove the filter and empty my heart from the day, we could be pulling an all-nighter, but I don’t want him to miss out! After Simon of Cyrene’s day carrying the cross of a condemned man, I wonder what he told his family…

Soldiers eyed the crowd for help because the cross was too much for Jesus who was physically disfigured at this point from their brutal treatment. This isn’t one of those cute-crazy moments while on holiday with your family you want to get picked by the announcer to do something special, this is the moment you want to be an innocent and invisible bystander.

“Now as they came out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name. Him they compelled to bear His cross.” Matthew 27:32

How un-lucky is that? Out of all the people in the crowd gathered, they pick a visitor, the ordinary guy in town to celebrate Passover. Simon of Cyrene was about to personally experience the power of being passed over.

Not a short distance, Simon had time bearing that cross to contemplate: He was an innocent man, undeserving of this humiliating experience stuck carrying a shameful and painful cross.

As he walked the weight of the cross bore down on his shoulders. Blood on the cross from Jesus’ mutilated body was absorbed into the fibers of his clothes, a constant reminder. He watched an angry crowd hurl insults and violently detest Jesus.  The horror of human behavior was before his face. The need for a Savior was tangible.

Arriving at Golgatha, Simon was freed; Jesus was killed. At Golgatha, Simon was passed over. We are too.

God loves details and of all the people in the crowd, chose Simone, a man whose name means “he has heard”. Mark 15:21 references Simon’s children being involved in the early church leading me to believe Simon had heard and what he told his family was life-giving.

Like Simon, we are chosen, but are we willing to walk the path with Christ, to tell the tale of God’s redemptive love shown through our day?

At the end of the day, when sifting through the highs and lows, there’s one way to quickly cut the thoughts, one story worth telling. It’s woven throughout our day if we are looking for it. Is the story you will tell your family the life-giving story?

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