Lessons In Letting Go Part 3

God wants to give life to the full but there is nothing more that Satan wants than for people to feel isolated, trapped, insignificant, unworthy…this enemy doesn’t want families to enjoy the “perfectly planned day” that builds relationships.  NOW was the moment of truth. Though every possible distraction tried to keep us from praying to God for help, we did. That was the moment of new beginnings, but there was more I had to do.

Patience and kindness, two virtues we’re studying as a family were knocking at my door like house guests sent from God to be a gentle consistent reminder. To let them in, I had to let go, more like kick-out, the frustrations, hurts and irritationthat had so quickly unpacked. To be honest, they have guest quarters in my heart and would choose to stay if I didn’t give them the boot from time to time. Let’s face it, frustration, hurt, anger and their friends are like zits that go away but comes back regularly. God doesn’t ask for perfection (the impossible), He asks for willingness to let go of ourselves.

Not perfectly, but consistently, I let go of the morning’s madness and the payout was incredible! Our family had decompressed while we counted butterflies, spied on spiders, threw cannons into the river, told jokes and minded the poison oak. Sure, I could have held on, too often I do, to my husbands infractions, but I’d come out alone and empty-handed.

At the close of this roller-coaster of a day, I know I’m not alone. These feelings, the tendency to nurse a wound, are gender neutral. It’s likely, you have some guests in your heart (or mind) that need to get the boot. God is kind enough to give us some heart-check prompts. Loosely, Ephesians 4 provides a great kick-to-the-curb starting point: lying, stealing, breaking God’s heart, bitterness, rage, anger, brawling, slander and every form of malice.

God doesn’t ask us to change others hearts or persuade minds, He asks, “Will you be brave enough to let go? To believe in Me? To trust that I am in control and will care for you (and everyone else)?”

This counter-culture message seems dicey, but WOW, I sure want to be on the receiving end of this type of kindness, patience, compassion, gentleness….and WOW the payout for me and my family was huge when God gave me strength to let go!

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