Lessons In Letting Go Part 2

If you recall, I was specific with me husband in preparing for our perfect outing, “We must leave by 8:20 to arrive at the gear shop on time.” Remember he had left for that quick errand? Too quickly time was passing.

At some point, no amount of mental preparation is enough to surmount the practical physical application. Suddenly, there I was staring patience in the face as the clock smirked at me; I’m still certain time went faster during the next hour to spite me. (How long is Practically Applying Patience going to track me down?!?!)

My impatient heart had my husbands bags packed for the doghouse and my spiteful nature had me heading out on a hike alone with the kids (foolish). Every one-line grievance I could concoct was another arrow in my quiver and drug for my bruised heart.

I’m unimportant…

He doesn’t care enough…

He always losing track of time and never shows up for me when I need him to….

The quickly demoted Knight In Shining Armor coolly walked through the door five minutes before we were suppose to be on location.  Now was the moment of truth.

Would the bell for the ring chiming the first round of a fight or would I have God-given clarity to respond patiently, kindly as I’ve been reading, learning and writing about?

Truth be told, the bell did ring. The fight did start, but something unusual happened. Like the choose your own adventure books I read as a child, I could see two distinct options:

A)   Because of a relatively slight error the family stays on the wide smooth road and continue to argue and erode their relationships.

B)   The family swerves to the less traveled barely visible path, peace is restored and the family continues to have an extraordinary day building a fortress of love.

Since I haven’t mastered love doesn’t keep a record of wrongs, I mentally scrolled through past events and noticed too much blight. We’ve seen this choice before; we’ve taken choice A numerous times… Then, from the core of my heart, anger began to swell in the best of ways.

A stark reality of a battle far bigger than you and me, a battle that began at the beginning of time reminded me there is an enemy. I was no more than a petty pawn that would eventually lead to the destruction of my family; a small chink of success for the Thief.

God loves family; He created it to be a place of love, community, security, and so much more. Jesus was clear,

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10.

Satan’s been like a sci-fi machine with tentacles attacking a metal fortress ripping it apart piece by piece. I was furious with this thief trying to take my family’s special day (a.g.a.i.n.)!

Wrapping Lessons In Letting Go tomorrow!

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