Lessons In Letting It Go Part 1

A year ago some inner circle friends bravely opened a specialty outdoor gear shop in our community. Everything about the shop is awesome. The gear, location (leased from a rock climbing legend), merchandising, guidance in practically and mentally gearing up are all stellar. To top it off, they lead well thought-out group hikes for FREE. After a full year, schedules, hike length and ability level aligned and we were finally able to participate!

The timing couldn’t have been better, I’ve been feeling suffocated because we’ve been unable for one reason or another, to get off the grid even for a day. We call this “coming up for air” and I believe everyone needs to do this regularly! Breaking away from the daily setting and responsibilities is a quick reminder of priorities often sifting legitimate problems from their pseudo counterparts.

Basking in anticipation the night before was already life-giving. While it was impossible to actually pack and prep gear that night, one must physically be present to do so, mentally I had things completed (which is half the battle, so I consoled myself). Schedules for the day flipped through my mind and I told my husband, “We must leave by 8:20 to arrive at the gear shop on time.”

The miraculous day arrived, the day we could be tangibly supportive friends, the day we could come up for air, the day we could enjoy time as a family in God’s playground, the day we could let loose a shake off barnacles that had attached themselves from the daily grind. Oh how I looked forward to this day!

The morning was quiet and peaceful, perfect conditions for meditating on Matthews gospel, but then it happened. I couldn’t find my study guide…breathe, let it go…I improvised. Minor disruption as my husband walked in…breath, let it go… he graciously left to tackle a necessary errand to our nearby office and I could continue in peace. The kids woke…breathe, let it go…all was put aside for delicious snuggles.

Letting the small fractures of my ideal morning go had been successful, but was about to come to a screeching halt.

2 responses to “Lessons In Letting It Go Part 1

  1. Love your blog, Julie! We should think of a fun blogger link up activity or something 🙂 Keep it up! You have a fan in me!

    • Thanks so much Heidi for checking out Peacequility! I’ve been enjoying theblessednest as well and relish the idea of a link up!

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