Dear Fly-On-The-Wall, Will You Be My Friend?

Dear fly-on-the-wall,

Do you understand the unrest you bring to the room? While you believe your presence is undetected, social butterflies detect all life. I’d like to get to know you.

Your future friend,
The Social Butterfly


The top of the pecking order has never been my social position or my goal. Comfortably, I’ve spent life in a superficial limbo boxed and categorized as cute, sometimes funny, always sincere. Yes, there I rest snuggly in my box, casually mixing with others; always comfortable but rarely reaching the nethermost point of my heart or those around me.

Never brave enough to step out of my box.

Specializing in the field of “The Almighty Self” leaves a heart empty. By all appearances, I’m gushing my heart,  deeply vulnerable, but for this social butterfly, maybe you too, it’s simply easier. It’s simply more comfortable for to talk and share than ask questions, to sit, to listen.

Comfort is the common ground for flies and butterflies. As a butterfly, I don’t want others to be uncomfortable, it makes me uncomfortable. Quickly, motivated by discomfort I step in and ramble…nonstop. Therearenotgapswiththisbutterfuly. What’s heartbreaking is that this behavior doesn’t allow others opportunity to show-up, to be seen or heard.

Instead of launching an all-out fly rescue, I need to pause, to sit in the quietness of the room with the fly-on-the-wall. Though it makes me nauseously uncomfortable, sweat-in-the-pits uncomfortable, I need to be willing to ask the fly questions. Though it scares the dust off my wings that I might come off as intrusive or make the fly uncomfortable, I need to accept the fly where it’s at, quietness and all.

Social bravery and comfort is looks different for these two creatures but yield the same results: Great connection or bitter emptiness. Whatever you are in the room, will you be brave and allow for meaningful connection?

Heart Check: Vulnerability varies with our temperaments. Considering your predisposition, what one step will you take to be socially brave today?

So much more to say, but sticking to my word count!

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