His, Hers, Theirs…Whose Time Is It?

Following Peacequility, you’re already aware that our family is blessed with a huge-hearted strong-willed son. Ironically, his name is Will. Go ahead, laugh. We were determined to choose a name that was, well strong, and we earned the gold in that!

What may not come across in all of my writing is how grateful I am for this boy. While he’s not handicapped in any way, I have a glimpse of the joy, honor, and pleasure it is to have a child with a special and specific need. Should I have an “ordinary” compliant child, I’m certain I’d be no less than an average Stepford Wife going through the motions of living. (That’s ME, probably not you.)

Never before did I realize the internal battle of my life. Can I admit that I had a day planner in middle school for my babysitting gigs? In high school I made painstaking attempts to create a neat and tidy scheduled life because that’s what I believed I was supposed to do, only to be frustrated by cancelled games, rescheduled practices, friends needing an ear or a trigonometry test involving more prep than realized.  Planning was allegedly my strength, but I never planned to live. Little did I realize how this would prepare me for raising our kids.

It’s taken a lot of life and five years in the trenches with my son to reveal that just as we shouldn’t put people in a box, we shouldn’t put the life God has given us in a box. God is surprising when allowed to fill our lives. I think to Abraham and Sarah- HELLO! They lived life outside the box- they gave up the position and security of their hometown for the uncertainty that comes with following God. (Some of us like to call that adventure.) It wasn’t a one-time nod at God, with the exception of a few bumps-in-the-road, it was their lifestyle, they continually gave-up to let God fill-in. (Read their story here)

My schedule no longer my own, this boy and his little apprentice need attention and their needs ebb and flow unpredictably. While I constantly walk into unknown character building moments or have an hour unraveled from my schedule resolving a recurring bathroom emergency, I can’t tell you what will happen next in my life with these two but I can say the bi-product is immense faith.  Yes, my schedule is not my own, but it took having kids to realize it belonged to God in the first place.

Heart Check: What about you? What sets your kids apart from you? What’s illuminated by your kids spark?

Post Rant: Why do we teach kids that life should be compartmentalized? It’s completely fraudulent.

2 responses to “His, Hers, Theirs…Whose Time Is It?

  1. Ha!! I love that your name is Julie as well AND I love that you are writing about the challenges of having a small boy and how that points you back to Christ. I am also in similar shoes … some of the challenges that have come up with my son this last year definitely drove me to my knees. Thankfully, I heard God whisper: you were born for this. I love that He knew it all before it happened and He designed us as mothers for the very children we would have. A life with Jesus is the most exciting life of all. Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings, the other Julie:)

    • Julie! I noticed our names too! So fun for a not so common name! “You were born for this”- SO TRUE! Always reassuring that God is sovereign, present very well aware of who we are, how He wired our kids and how He will use all the brokenness and gifts to draw us closer to Him…

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