Parents, Have You Received The Antidote?

Apparently there are perfect parents and kids walking the face of this earth…we don’t happen to fall into that category. At all.

Class is over; my steps are measured. Already tense, braced for the worst, but heart hopeful today was the day, today would prove to be the breakthrough for my son.

As I move to open the door, a flood of self-doubt and insecurity spritzed with shame feel like the only things covering my vulnerable being.  Hesitating to ask how the day went, I momentarily mentally wander; ignorance is bliss, do I really want to know? The option to ask is yanked from my hands as the teacher sweeps the smile on her face; the look in her eyes reveal the depth of her frustration all while graciously she expels the days acts of a five-year old mercenary.

Wearing thin from my son’s growing trouble in classes I grew downhearted, discouraged and helpless; I began to retreat from life.  If I would have understood as a classroom teacher how beaten down parents can get I would have been their best cheerleader!

Sometimes, we just need to be reassured that we are not the catalyst.

Sometimes we need to be reassured to stay the course; it will work out.

Always we need to be reminded of God’s sovereignty.

Retreating isn’t in my nature and casually I asked for input from a couple moms I trust.  Though these women encouraged my heart there was something more prolific, one directed me to a person who never crosses my mind for help: our children’s pastor.

We’re in over our heads and I assumed we needed professional counseling not a bible pep-talk, we needed more than God alone (yes, I did just crudely state that). How easily we forget that God is à la carte!

Grace, oh the grace God generously gives us! Meeting with our children’s pastor we were reminded of God’s SIMPLE truths that yield blessings and affirmed in cultivating our son’s heart while slathering him with God’s love. My husband and I left the appointment, my heart renewed and reassured. The situation with our son isn’t untangled, but our resolve has been reignited and refreshed.

Heart Check: Are you struggling right now? Your pastors care for you deeply and have been called by God to help you, will you let them?

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